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Descendants of PETER HOGARD


8800. CLINTON RALPH Haggard

CLINTON R. HAGGARD, 633-57-07, Coxwain V-6, USNR, 31st Naval Construction Battalion, Company, Platoon 4, born 26 September 1920, Wellston, Lincoln, OK. Died 26 April 1997, Providence, RI.

REGISTERED SELECTIVE SERVICE BOARD: Oklahoma City, OK, HOME ADDRESS: 1315 N. Wisconsin, Oklahoma City (5), Oklahoma County, Oklahoma. HOME ADDRESS (at time of entry into Service): 1158 S. Sidney Drive, Los Angeles, CA (home of his sister Geneva (Haggard) Smith.

ENLISTED: 10 July 1942. Place of entry into active service: NRS, Los Angeles,

NET SERVICE (for pay purposes): 3 yrs. 3 mos. 25 days.

RATINGS HELD: Seaman 2c, Seaman 1c, Coxswain. FOREIGN SERVICE: Yes.

SERVICE STATIONS: NCTC, Davisville, RI; Bermuda (11 mos.); Port Hueneme, Oxnard, CA; Camp Tarawa, Hilo, Hawaii, where we were attached to the 5th Marine Division in preparation for the invasion of the island of IWO JIMA on 19 February 1944, where we remained until the end of the war. Preparations were being made for the invasion of JAPAN when the war ended.

KIND OF INSURANCE: NSI. Effective month November 1945. Next premium due: December 1945. Amount of premium due each month: $6.60. Intention of veteran to continue insurance: No. TOTAL PAYMENT UPON DISCHARGE: $167.80.

TRAVEL OR MILEAGE ALLOWANCE included in total payment: $1.15. Initial mustering out pay $100. Name of disbursing officer: Lt. (jg) G. L. Owens, (SC), USN.

REMARKS: Point System, Victory Medal WW II, Good Conduct, Asiatic Pacific (1 star), American Area.

NON-SERVICE EDUCATION: Grammar School 8 yrs, High School 4 yrs.
DATE OF SEPARATION: 4 November 1945. PLACE OF SEPARATION: PSC NOB TI San Pedro, California.

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