Historical Files of Clinton R. Haggard

Comments by Gary Foster (Webmaster for Surnames.com):
During the 35 years of research many names and dates were recorded and families linked by Clinton R. Haggard.  As you search through his 48 Hfiles you will find his methodical recording of genealogical information for the millions who will come to value this tremendous resource as I do.  You will find also his humor and side interests as he weaves the Haggard Family history into the events of the day.  Note his many references to the books and sources he consulted to bring together this history of the Haggard Family.  If these HFiles were printed into a book it would contain over 2,500 pages!

Click on each HFile and browse thru its pages.   This document has been broken down by Clinton's daughter, Susan E. Haggard Hayashi into 48 documents to allow faster downloading of each document.  Each HFile is approximately 60 pages and loads approximately an 80K file.  Each HFile will download in approximately 2 minutes or less.

Gary Foster, webmaster for http://www.surnames.com has converted each HFile into HTML for ease of viewing on-line.   By clicking here you can download all these files in one zipped file for your convenience to your own computer.   Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the download of your choice.  Good Luck!

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