Historical Files, H2
by Clinton R. Haggard

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Daniel Haggard, H11415, son of John Jr. and Barbara (?) Haggard, was born ca. 1785, Fredericksville Parish, Louisa, VA, married ca. 1810, Concord, Ross, OH, (wife unidentified) and had four children:

1. Edward Haggard, H114151, born ca. 1811, Concord, Ross, OH, was killed on the plains on the way to California, married 27 October 1831, Concord, Ross, OH, Catherine King.

2. Daniel Haggard, Jr., H114152, born 19 October 1812, Concord, Ross, OH.

3. Cynthia Haggard, H114153, born CA. 1812, Ross County, OH.

4. Martin Haggard, H114154, born 1817, Concord, Ross, OH.

Daniel Haggard, H11415, married secondly, 3 July 1817, Ross County, OH, Jane Andrew, born ca. 1798, Pennsylvania, and had six children:

5. William Haggard, H114155, born ca. 1818, Ross County, OH.

6. James Haggard, H114156, born 6 March 1820, Ross County, OH.

7. Delilah Haggard, H114157, born ca. 1822, Ross County, OH.

8. George Haggard, H114158, born 1823, Ross County, OH.

9. Jackson Haggard, H114159, born 1825, Ross County, OH.

10. John W. Haggard, H11415A, born 1827, Ross County, OH.

Daniel Haggard, Jr., H114152, son of Daniel Haggard and (wife unidentified) was born 19 October 1812, Ross County, OH, died 15 August 1880, DeWitt, IL, married 23 November 1834, Washington, OH, Janiah Crab, born 1807, died 1891, DeWitt, IL. They had ten children:

1. Cynthia Isabell Haggard, H1141521, born 27 October 1835.

2. Thomas Crab Haggard, H1141522, born 1 September 1837.

3. Nelson F. Haggard, H1141523, born 11 October 1839, died 13 September 1863, Civil War, Union Army, Natchez, MS.

4. Jennie F. Haggard, H1141524, born 10 April 1842, married 16 April 1863, Henry Cole.

5. Lemuel Haggard, H1141525, born 12 February 1846.

6. Romza Warren Haggard, H1141526, born 5 June 1849, New Holland, Pickaway, OH.

7. Daniel Ebenezer W. Haggard, H1141527, born 25 April 1852, New Holland, Pickaway, OH, died 1904.

8. Edward W. Haggard, H1141528, born 25 April 1852, Mt. Sterling, Madison, OH.

9. William M. Haggard, H1141529, born 1854, Mt. Sterling, Madison, OH, died Deland, IL.

10. Francis Haggard, H114152A, born ca. 1856, Farmer City, DeWitt, IL, died in Texas, married 27 August 1868, A. Haggard.

Cynthia Isabell Haggard, H1141521, daughter of Daniel Jr. and Janiah (Crab) Haggard, was born 17 October 1835, New Holland, Pickaway, OH, died 1914, Farmer City, DeWitt, IL, married 1 January 1854, J. Vanbert Webb, and had eight children, five of whom died in infancy:

1. Thomas L. Webb, born ca. 1855, Farmer City, DeWitt, IL.

2. Franklin "Frank" H. Webb, born ca. 1857, Farmer City, DeWitt, IL.

3. Myrtle Webb, born ca. 1859, Farmer City, DeWitt, IL.


Thomas Crab Haggard, H1141522, son of Daniel Jr. and Janiah (Crab) Haggard, was born October 1839, New Holland, Pickaway, OH, died 19 March 1930, Farmer City, DeWitt, IL, married 31 March 1870, Farmer City, DeWitt, IL, Margaret Ann Bettis, born ca. 1841, Fulton, White, IL, died 21 February 1903, Marion, DeWitt, IL. They had four children:

1. William Thomas Haggard, H11415221, born 17 July 1871, Farmer City, DeWitt, IL, died Louisville, Jefferson, KY.

2. Edwin Clifton Haggard, H11415222, born 4 January 1873.

3. Mary Katherine Haggard, born 11 October 1875.

4. Daughter Haggard, born 6 April 1883, died 7 April 1883.

Edwin Clifton Haggard, H11415222, son of Thomas Crab and Margaret Ann (Bettis) Haggard, was born 4 January 1873, Farmer City, DeWitt, IL, married ca. 1895, Pearl Campbell, and had eight children:

1. Carlton Haggard, born ca. 1896, Farmer City, DeWitt, IL.

2. Jake Haggard, born ca. 1898, Farmer City, DeWitt, IL.

3. Scott Haggard, born ca. 1900, Farmer City, DeWitt, IL.

4. Helen Haggard, born ca. 1902, Farmer City, DeWitt, IL.

5. Marjorie Haggard, born ca. 1904, Farmer City, DeWitt, IL.

6. Thomas Haggard, born ca. 1906, Farmer City, DeWitt, IL.

7. Richard Haggard, born ca. 1908, Farmer City, DeWitt, IL.

8. George Linden Haggard, H114152228, born 1910, Farmer City, DeWitt, IL.

George Linden Haggard, H114152228, son of Edwin Clifton and Pearl (Campbell) Haggard, was born 1910, Farmer City, DeWitt, IL, died 1957, married 1937, Agnes Symmes, born 1915, daughter of Thomas and Catherine (Morse) Symmes. They had four children:

1. George Symmes Haggard, H1141522281, born 1940, Chicago, Cook, IL.

2. Holiday "Holly" Haggard, born 1941, Chicago, Cook, IL.

3. Robin Haggard, born 1946, Chicago, Cook, IL.

4. Laurie Haggard, born 1949, Chicago, Cook, IL.

George Symmes Haggard, H1141522281, son of George Linden and Agnes (Symmes) Haggard, was born 1940, Chicago, Cook, IL, married 1964, Orleans, France, Francoise Lesage, ca. 1942, daughter of Joseph Lesage. Residence Fox River Grove, IL. They have a son:

1. George Lesage Haggard, born 16 November 1965, Orleans, France.

Ryomza Warren Haggard, H1141526, son of Daniel Jr. and Janiah (Crab) Haggard, was born 1849, New Holland, Pickaway, OH, died Farmer City, DeWitt, IL, married 8 November 1877, Louisville, Jefferson, KY, Caroline Bosler, born 25 July 1852, Louisville, Jefferson, KY, died 26 December 1927, Breckenridge, Saginaw, MI. They had two children:

1. S. Pearl Haggard, born ca. 1878, married Mr. McConkey.

2. G. W. Haggard, born ca. 1880, died Trident, Gallatin, MT.

Edward W. Haggard, H1141528, son of Daniel Jr. and Janiah (Crab) Haggard, was born 25 April 1852, Mt. Sterling, Madison, OH, died 18 March 1904, Pawnee, Sangamon, IL, married 22 February 1881, Farmer City, IL, Anna Eliza "Lida" Green, and had four daughters:

1. Maude Haggard, born ca. 1880, Farmer City, DeWitt, IL.

2. Lora Haggard, born ca. 1882, Farmer City, DeWitt, IL.

3. Bertha Haggard, born ca. 1884, Farmer City, DeWitt, IL.

4. Ruth Haggard, born ca. 1886, Farmer City, DeWitt, IL.

Thomas W. Thacker, born ca. 1789, Goochland County, VA, married 9 September 1813, Elizabeth Carrell, born ca. 1795, Goochland County, VA. They had (three sons and three daughters in 1830 census), only three children identified:

1. Elizabeth Thacker, born 5 September 1821, Goochland County, VA, died 28 October 1897, Sedalia, Clinton, IN, married 14 August 1842, Madison County, OH, James W. Haggard, H114156.

2. John M. Thacker, born 8 November 1824, Goochland County, VA, died 22 August 1843, Frankfort, Clinton, IN, married 22 September 1848, Clark County, OH, Permelia Hicks, and had a daughter:

1. Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" Thacker, married 18 March 1879, Peyton R. Oliver, H1141571, born ca. 1843, son of Alexander and Delilah (Haggard) Oliver.

3. Martha Jane Thacker, born 1826, Goochland County, VA, married ca. 1846, Madison County, OH, John W. Haggard, H11415A.

Cynthia Haggard, H114153, daughter of Daniel Haggard, was born ca. 1805, Ross County, OH, married 9 February 1832, Ross County, OH, Walker Rowe, born ca. 1803, missing on 1850 census, had at least five children. (1850 Census, North Apple Creek, Greene, IL.):

1. Jesse Rowe, H1141531, born 1831, Madison County, OH.

2. Mary Rowe, H1141532, born 1836, Madison County, OH.

3. Daniel Rowe, H1141533, born 1840, Madison County, OH.

4. Minerva A. Rowe, H1141534, born 1845, Madison County, OH.

5. Walker Rowe, Jr., H1141535, born 1847, Madison County, OH.

Martin Haggard, H114154, son of Daniel Haggard and unknown, was born 1807, Ross County, OH, married ca. 1831, Greene County, OH, died after 1860 Census, Concord, Fayette, OH, married ca. 1832, Katherine Warrenberg, born ca. 1807, and moved to Clinton County, OH, died before 1860. They had five children:

1. Jonathan "John" Haggard, H1141541, born 13 September 1832, OH.

2. Jackson Haggard, H1141542, born 1837, Clinton County, OH.

3. George Haggard, H1141543, born 1839, Clinton County, OH.

4. Mary Haggard, H1141544, born 1841, Clinton County, OH, married 14 March 1861, Jeremiah Draper.

5. Susan Haggard, H1141545, born 18435, Concord, Fayette, OH.

Martin Haggard, H114154, married secondly, Rebecca ?, born 1803, VA.


Jonathan "John" Haggard, H1141541, son of Martin and Katherine Warren (Berg) Haggard, was born 13 September 1832, Greene County, OH, died 27 January 1909, married ca. 1859, Clinton County, OH, Sarah Jane Allen, born ca. 1832, died 7 March 1870, Fayette County, OH. They had five children:

1. Mary Catherine Haggard, born 13 July 1860, died 14 October 1884.

2. William Henry Haggard, H11415412, born 6 March 1862, Fayette County, OH,

3. James Martin Haggard, H11415413, born 6 April 1864, Fayette County, OH.

4. Rebecca Ellen Haggard, born 16 November 1865, Fayette County, OH, died 3 May 1895, married ca. 1885, James Stump.

5. John Allen Haggard, H11415415, born 25 November 1867, Fayette County, OH.

Jonathan "John" Haggard, H1141541, married secondly Nancy Jane Straits, born 17 January 1851, Fayette County, OH, died 17 March 1884. They had nine children:

6. Samuel Haggard, born 19 December 1869, Fayette County, OH.

7. Roberta Haggard, H11415417, born 17 March 1871, Fayette County, OH, died 6 March 1962, married ca. 1891, Daniel Noffsinger.

8. Martha Haggard, born 7 October 1872, Fayette County, OH.

9. Harriett "Hattie" Haggard, born 1 April 1874, Fayette County, OH.

10. Cora Edith Haggard, H1141541A, born 9 February 1876, Fayette County, OH, married William McKean.

11. Rena Haggard, born 13 April 1878, Fayette County, OH.

12. Retha Haggard, H1141541C, born 3 March 1880, Fayette County, OH, died 3 October 1965, married ca. 1900, Edward Roe.

13. Jason Haggard, born 6 February 1882, Fayette County, OH.

14. Jessie Haggard, born 9 March 1884, Fayette County, OH.

Jonathan "John" Haggard, H1141541, married thirdly 8 January 1885, Almedia Mix, born 17 Nov. 1852, Fayette County, OH, died 21 March 1928. They had two children:

15. Harry Harold Haggard, H1141541F, born 17 July 1886, Fayette County, OH.

16. Grace Myrtle Haggard, H1141541G, born 27 January 1889, Fayette County, OH, married Jesse Erp.

William Henry Haggard, H11415412, son of Jonathan "John" and Sarah Jane (Allen) Haggard, was born 6 March 1862, Fayette County, OH, died 1 February 1963, married ca. 1884, Effie Mix, born ca. 1864, Fayette County, OH. They moved to Adams County, IN, and had six children:

1. Maude Haggard, born ca. 1885, married ca. 1905, Melvin Babcock.

2. Arthur Haggard, born ca. 1887, ca. 1907, Ethel Schoonover.

3. Effie Haggard, born ca. 1889, married ca. 1909, Walter Stelle; married secondly E. T. Jones (three children).

4. Harvey Haggard, H114154124, born ca. 1891, Adams County, IN, married 7 November 1925, Barbara Smith, and had four children. Harvey married secondly Velda Crist.

5. Jacob Haggard, H114154125, born ca. 1893, Adams County, IN.

6. Enos Haggard, born ca. 1895, Adams County, IN, married ca. 1917, Bessie Miles.

Jacob Haggard, H114154125, son of William Henry and Effie (Mix) Haggard, was born ca. 1893, Adams County, IN, married 1922, Ida Strahm, and had a son:

1. Myron Henry "Hank" Haggard, H1141541251, born ca. 1923, married 1953, Pauline Brintzenhofe, and has a son:

1. J. W. Haggard, born ca. 1954.

Myron Henry "Hank" Haggard, H1141541251, married secondly Susan Inninger.

James Martin Haggard, H11415413, son of Jonathan "John" and Sarah Jane (Allen) Haggard, was born 6 April 1864, Fayette County, OH, died 29 March 1942, Monroe County, IN, married 22 November 1884, Anna Ludy, and had two sons:

1. Charles Wesley Haggard, H114154131, born 9 September 1886, Adams County, IN, married 3 June 1907, Ethel Hendricks, and had two children:

1. Auburn Franklin Haggard, H1141541311, born 17 March 1909, Adams County, IN.

2. Wauie Dina Haggard, H1141541312, born 23 April 1911, Adams County, IN.

2. John Franklin Haggard, H114154132, born 13 September 1890, Adams County, IN.

Auburn Franklin Haggard, H1141541311, son of Charles Wesley and Ethel (Hendricks) Haggard, was born 17 March 1909, Adams County, IN, married (div., wife unidentified), and had four children:

1. Alden Earl Haggard, born 6 September 1928, Adams County, IN.

2. Auburn Franklin Haggard, Jr., born 7 December 1930, Adams County, IN.

3. Marion Edward Haggard, born 17 July 1932, Adams County, IN.

4. Loren Alfred Haggard, born 30 March 1934, Adams County, IN.

Auburn Franklin Haggard, H1141541311, married secondly ca. 1939, (wife unidentified), and had a son:

5. Norman Eugene Haggard, H11415413115, born 14 October 1942, Adams County, IN, died ca. 1967, married 1 January 1963, Joleen Bradshaw. They had three children:

1. Dennis E. Haggard (twin), born ca. 1964, Adams County, IN.

2. Denise E. Haggard (twin), born ca. 1964, Adams County, IN.

3. Lori Ann Haggard, born ca. 1966, Adams County, IN.

Wauie Dina Haggard, H1141541312, daughter of Charles Wesley and Ethel (Hendricks) Haggard, was born 23 April 1911, Adams County, IN, married November 1939, Walter Hertel, and had a son:

1. Charles Hertel, born ca. 1940, Adams County, IN.

John Franklin Haggard, H114154132, son of James Martin and Anna (Ludy) Haggard, was born 13 September 1890, Adams County, IN, married 9 June 1909, Nola May Cook, and had a son:

1. Harold Sylvester Haggard, H1141541321, born 21 June 1910, Adams County, IN, married 15 January 1932, Madelyn Michael. They have a son:

1. James Ward Haggard, H11415413211, born 18 August 1932, Ft. Wayne, Allen, IN.

James Ward Haggard, H11415413211, son of Harold Sylvester and Madelyn (Michael) Haggard, was born 18 August 1932, Ft. Wayne, Allen, IN, married 18 May 1957, Shirley VanHorn, and has three children:

1. Kerry Lee Haggard, born 25 November 1958, Ft. Wayne, Allen, IN.

2. Penny Gay Haggard, born 24 June 1964, Ft. Wayne, Allen, IN.

3. Bryan Wade Haggard, born 9 December 1966, Ft. Wayne, Allen, IN.

John Allen Haggard, H11415415, son of Jonathan "John" and Sarah Jane (Allen) Haggard, was born 25 November 1867, Washington Courthouse, OH, died 23 November 1950, Berne, Noble, OH, married first, 19 March 1890, Susan "Susie" Martz, born ca. 1870, OH, died 25 September 1908, OH. They had two children:

1. Addie Haggard, born ca. 1891, OH, married ca. 1911, OH, Mr. Gilbert, and had a daughter:

1. Ermal Gilbert, born ca. 1912, OH.

2. Samuel Haggard, born ca. 1893, OH.

Following the death of his first wife, John Allen Haggard, H11415415, married secondly, 4 November 1909, OH, Amelia Walker, born OH, and had two daughters:

3. Dorothy Haggard, born ca. 1910, OH.

4. Frances Haggard, born ca. 1912, OH, married ca. 1932, Mr. Beitler.

Harry Harold Haggard, H1141541F, son of John and Alameda (Mix) Haggard, was born 17 July 1886, Fayette County, OH, died after 1945, married 1 January 1906, (wife unidentified), and had a son:

1. Russell Church Haggard, H1141541F1, born 22 May 1912, Fayette County, OH, married August 1936 (div., wife unidentified), and has a daughter:

1. Bonnie Carla Haggard, born 3 April 1943, Fayette County, OH.

Russell Church Haggard, H1141541F1, married secondly 7 December 1945, Fayette County, OH, (wife unidentified), and had three children:

2. William Russell Haggard, born 27 October 1946, Fayette County, OH.

3. Robert John Haggard, born 18 April 1950, Fayette County, OH.

4. Beth Ellen Haggard, born 1 April 1952, Fayette County, OH.

Jackson Haggard, H1141542, son of Martin and Katherine Warren (Berg) Haggard, was born 1837, Clinton County, OH, married 1862, Rebecca Flora ?, and had (1870 census):

1. Catherine Haggard, H11415421, born 1864, Clinton County, OH.

2. Thomas Haggard, H11415422, born 1865, Clinton County, OH.

3. George Haggard, H11415423, born 1867, Clinton County, OH.

4. Estella Haggard, H11415424, born 1869, Clinton County, OH.

5. Fay Haggard, H11415425, born 1870, Clinton County, OH.


William Haggard, H114155, son of Daniel and Jane (Andrews) Haggard, was born 1814, Ross County, OH, married first 9 February 1840, Ross County, OH, Susan Rowe, 1812, OH, and moved to Owen, Clinton, IN. They had at least seven children:

1. Nancy J. Haggard, H1141551, born 1841, Concord, Ross, OH, married ca. 1875, Adam S. Peters, and moved to Cass County, IN.

2. John Wesley Haggard, H1141552, born 13 March 1845, Ross County, OH.

3. Mary Ann Haggard, H1141553, born ca. 1846, died after 1893, married ca. 1872, Tippecanoe, IN, John Price.

4. Thomas T. Haggard, H1141554, born 1850, Greene County, IL, died after 1917, Frankfort, Clinton, IN.

5. Lorena Haggard, H1141555, born 1853, Greene County, IL, married 1 January 1868, Frankfort, Clinton, IN, Isaiah Ostler.

6. Martin L. "Clinton" Haggard, H1141556, born July 1859.

7. George E. Haggard, H1141557, born 1864, Greene County, IL.

William Haggard, H114155, married secondly 29 July 1884, IN, Sarah Hess.

John Wesley Haggard, H1141552, son of William and Susan (Rowe) Haggard, was born 13 March 1845, Madison County, OH, died 10 September 1910, Center, Clinton, OH, married 3 September 1868, Frankfort, Clinton, IN, Sarah E. Dorsey, born 1844, Frankfort, Clinton, IN, died June 1926, Center, OH. They had seven children:

1. Cora W. Haggard, H11415521, born 1869, Frankfort, Clinton, IN, married Mr. Irwin.

2. Minerva M. "Minnie" Haggard, H11415522, born 1870, Frankfort, Clinton, IN, married 22 October 1890, Stephen Garber.

3. Mary L. Haggard, H11415523, born 1873, died 20 October 1899, IN.

4. Harriett "Hattie" B. Haggard, H11415524, born 1874, Frankfort, IN, married Mr. Price.

5. Roy Haggard, born 1878, died before 1910, Frankfort, Clinton, IN.

6. Margaret Haggard, H11415526, born 1881, Frankfort, Clinton, IN, married Mr. Miller.

7. Harry Haggard, H11415527, born 1884, Frankfort, Clinton, IN.

Martin L. "Clinton" Haggard, H1141556, son of William and Susan (Rowe) Haggard, was born July 1859, Tippecanoe, IN, married 7 January 1883, Frankfort, Clinton, IN, Fannie Stanley, born February 1847.

1. Jesse H. Haggard, H11415561, born October 1884.

George E. Haggard, H1141557, son of William and Susan (Rowe) Haggard, was born 1864, Greene County, IL, died 29 January 1917, Frankfort, Clinton, IN, married 21 June 1890, Frankfort, Clinton, IN, Rosa H. Padgett, born 1875, IN, and had three sons:

1. Ralph W. Haggard, H11415571, born May 1893, Frankfort, Clinton, IN, married 28 June 1916, Bessie Myers.

2. Virgil L. Haggard, H11415572, born March 1895, Frankfort, IN.

3. Herbert Haggard, H11415573, born January 1897, Frankfort, IN.

James Haggard, H114156, son of Daniel and Jane (Andrews) Haggard, was born 6 March 1820, Concord, Ross, OH, died 2 January 1901, Clinton County, IN, married 14 August 1842, Midway, Madison, OH, Elizabeth Thacker, born 5 September 1821, Goochland County, VA, died 28 October 1897, Owen, Clinton, IN, daughter of Thomas W. and Elizabeth (Carrell) Thacker. They had ten children:

1. Martha J. Haggard, born 25 August 1843, died 12 July 1864.

2. Thomas C. Haggard, born 14 January 1845, died 21 August 1864.

3. Francis Marion Haggard, H1141563, twin, born 4 January 1847.

4. Mary A. Haggard, twin, born 4 January 1847, died 18 March 1848, OH.

5. Margaret Josephine Haggard, H1141565, born 21 December 1849.

6. John A. Haggard, born 17 July 1851, Fayette County, OH, married 13 October 1881, Mary E. "Mollie" Smith.

7. Elizabeth A. Haggard, born 8 January 1853, Fayette County, OH, married 29 September 1870, John N. Robinson, and moved to Florida.

8. Clara Belle Haggard, H1141568, born 30 November 1855, Fayette, County, OH.

9. Rebecca Ella Haggard, H1141569, born 22 January 1858, Fayette, County, OH.

10. James M. Haggard. born 12 July 1859, died 21 October 1862, OH.

John Daggy, born 12 January 1795, Augusta County, VA, died 2 March 1883, Clinton County, IN, married ca. 1832, Sarah McLaughlin, born 4 July 1804, died ca. 1845, and had:

1. John Daggy, born 7 August 1833.

2. Anna Daggy, born August 1834.

3. George Daggy, born 16 November 1836, died 13 January 1881.

4. Elizabeth Daggy, born 5 March 1844, Clinton County, IN, (below).

Francis Marion Haggard, H1141565, twin, son of James and Elizabeth (Thacker) Haggard, was born 4 January 1847, Fayette County, OH, died 6 November 1901, Leelanau County, MI, married 7 December 1871, Clinton County, IN, Elizabeth J. Daggy, died 8 November 1925, Grand Traverse, MI, daughter of John and Sarah (McLaughlin) Daggy. They had at least six children:

1. John W. Haggard, born 12 October 1872, Clinton County, IN, died 2 March 1932, Traverse City, Grand Traverse, MI, married 29 November 1899, Traverse City, MI, Anna M. Stanek.

2. Ella A. Haggard, born 30 January 1875, Clinton County, IN, died 6 February 1949, Leelanau County, MI.

3. Lillian Dail "Lillie" Haggard, born 10 September 1876, Clinton County, IN, died 14 April 1951, Leelanau County, MI.

4. James C. Haggard, born 22 July 1878, Clinton County, IN, died 9 November 1896, Leelanau County, MI.

5. Jesse Melvin Haggard, H11415655, born 16 May 1880, Clinton County, IN.

6. Lucy May Haggard, H11415656, born 1 March 1882, Clinton County, IN.


Jesse Melvin Haggard, H11415655, son of Francis Marion and Elizabeth J. (Daggy) Haggard, was born 16 May 1880, Clinton County, IN, died 3 October 1951, Kent County, MI, married 1 April 1901, Traverse City, Grand Traverse, MI, Carolyn E. Powers, born 9 August 1881, Weston, Wood, OH, died 9 May 1920, Kalamazoo County, MI, daughter of James Franklin and Amy Elizabeth (Richardson) Powers. They had a son:

1. Donald Francis Haggard, H114156551, was born 17 March 1906, Grand Rapids, Kent, MI, died 13 October 1991, Grand Traverse County, MI, married 14 February 1925, Grand Traverse County, MI, Essie E. Hamilton, born 4 October 1905, Grand Traverse County, MI, died 18 November 1990, daughter of Matthew Bell and Charity Delilah (Middaugh) Hamilton. They had three children:

1. Dr. Donald Francis Haggard, Jr., H1141565511, born 19 August 1927.

2. Lawrence E. Haggard, H1141565512, born 5 February 1930.

3. Sandra Kay Haggard, H1141565513, was born 12 August 1938.

Dr. Donald Francis Haggard, Jr., H1141565511, son of Donald Francis and Essie E. (Hamilton) Haggard, was born 19 August 1927, Grand Traverse County, MI, married 1956, Iowa City, IA, Dr. Golda Joan Eversmeyer, born 13 August 1931, New Orleans, Jefferson, LA. They have three children:

1. Donald Francis Haggard, III, born 11 December 1958, Jefferson County, KY.

2. Kaylee Haggard, born 5 October 1960, Jefferson County, KY.

3. Annlyn Haggard, born 18 May 1965, Jefferson County, KY.

Lawrence E. Haggard, H1141565512, son of Donald Francis and Essie E. (Hamilton) Haggard, was born 5 February 193029, Grand Traverse County, MI, married 1950, Casilda Rose Durocher, born 17 July 1929, Traverse City, Grand Traverse, MI. They Moved to Wayne County, MI, and later Stanwood, Mecosta, MI. They have eight children:

1. David B. Haggard, born 5 May 1951, Grand Traverse County, MI.

2. Patricia Ann Haggard, born 6 February 1952, Grand Traverse County, MI.

3. Donna Kay Haggard, born 19 August 1954, Grand Traverse County, MI.

4. Linda Lee Haggard, born 3 August 1956, Wayne County, MI.

5. Kathleen Haggard, born 15 November 1960, Wayne County, MI.

6. Richard Haggard, born 13 December 1961, Oakland County, MI.

7. Robert Haggard, born 1 September 1966, Oakland County, MI.

8. Christine Haggard, born 23 December 1970, Oakland County, MI.

Sandra Kay Haggard, H1141565513, daughter of Donald Francis and Essie E. (Hamilton) Haggard, was was born 12 August 1938, Traverse City, Grand Traverse, MI, married 16 August 1958 (div. 1972), Arthur Kilinski, born 22 April 1936, Lelanau County, MI, died 8 May 1993, Grosse Ile, Wayne, MI. Sandra is a Social Studies Teacher in Trenton High School. They had two sons:

1. Bruce A. Kilinski, born 25 September 1959, Ingham County, MI, married 14 February 1993, Harris County, TX, Denise Estes, now resides in League City, TX.

2. Brian J. Kilinski, born 29 January, 1962, Trenton, Wayne, MI, now resides in Traverse City, Grand Traverse, MI.

Lucy May Haggard, H11415636, daughter of Francis Marion and Elizabeth J. (Daggy) Haggarrd, was born 1 March 1882, Clinton County, IN, died 14 October 1968, Leelanau County, MI, married 1 March 1906, Traverse City, Grand Traverse, MI, Charles Getchell, and had two children:

1. Beatrice Getchell, ca. 1907, Traverse City, Grand Traverse, MI.

2. Louise Getchell, H114156362, born ca. 1909, Traverse City, Grand Traverse, MI married ca 1929, Traverse City, Grand Traverse, MI, Delbert Broad, and has three children:

1. Jerry Broad, born ca. 1940.

2. Kenneth Broad, born ca. 1942.

3. Shirley Broad, born ca. 1944.

Margaret Josephine Haggard, H1141568, daughter of James and Elizabeth (Thacker) Haggard, was born 21 December 1849, Fayette County, OH, married 5 September 1872, William T. Kennard, and had a daughter:

1. Maude Kennard, born ca. 1869, Frankfort, Clinton, IN.

Clara Bell Haggard, H114156B, daughter of James and Elizabeth (Thacker) Haggard, was born 30 November 1855, Fayette County, OH, married 7 September 1873, Frankfort, Clinton, IN, John F. Bozworth, born 14 June 1849, Preble County, OH, son of William and Polly J. (Shaffer) Bozworth. They had two children:

1. Venora Bozworth, H114156B1, born 4 July 1874, Owen, Clinton, IN, married Edmund O. Silverthorn, born 31 January 1872, son of Joseph and Anna Eliza (Pence) Silverthorn. They had three children:

1. John B. Silverthorn, born 19 August 1894, Frankfort, IN.

2. Lavonne Silverthorn, born 13 July 1896, Frankfort, Clinton, IN, married Okes Deeds.

3. John F. Silverthorn, born 20 June 1900, Frankfort, IN.

2. Nial Bozworth, born 26 June 1882, Owen, Clinton, IN, married ca. 1904, Mabel V. Jarvis.

Rebecca Ella Haggard, H114156C, daughter of James and Elizabeth (Thacker) Haggard, was born 22 January 1858, Fayette County, OH, died 12 May 1891, Clinton County, IN, married August 1878, Frankfort, Clinton, IN, Henry Milton Bozworth, born 7 April 1845, Frankfort, Clinton, IN, son of William and Polly J. (Shaffer) Bozworth. They had five children:

1. Ellis L. Bosworth, born 1 October 1879, Fayette County, OH, married 28 August 1901, Grace Unger.

2. Letitia J. Bozworth, born 29 November 1881, died 21 March 1884.

3. James D. Bozworth, born 3 August 1883,

4. Martha E. Bozworth, born 22 June 1888, died 3 February 1891.

5. Earl Bozworth, born 6 June 1890, died 25 February 1891.

NOTE: John and Henry Bozworth were brothers.


Delilah Haggard, H114157, daughter of Daniel and Jane (Andrews) Haggard, was born ca. 1823, Concord, Ross, OH, died 27 February 1889, Frankfort, Clinton, IN, married 9 November 1842, Madison County, OH, Alexander Oliver, born ca. 1816, and had (1850 census Range, Madison, OH, 1860 census Shelby, Tippecanoe, IN):

1. Mary R. Oliver, ca. 1842, Range, Madison, OH.

2. Livana Oliver, born ca. 1846, Range, Madison, OH.

3. Peyton Randolph Oliver, H1193273, born 3 April 1850.

4. George W. Oliver, born ca. 1854, Range, Madison, OH.

5. William H. Oliver, born ca. 1855, Shelby, Tippecanoe, IN.

6. Almeda J. Oliver, born ca. 1857, Shelby, Tippecanoe, IN.

7. Albert Oliver (twin), born 1859, Shelby, Tippecanoe, IN.

8. Alice Oliver, (twin), born 1859, Shelby, Tippecanoe, IN.

Peyton Randolph Oliver, H1141573, son of Alexander and Delilah (Haggard) Oliver, was born 3 April 1850,, Benton County, IN, died 22 July 1927, Clinton County, IN, married 18 March 1879, Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" Thacker, born 5 November 1850, died 23 February 1906, daughter of John M. and Permelia A. (Hicks) Thacker. They had a daughter:

1. Anna Permelia Oliver, born December 1889, Clinton County, IN, died 16 December 1975, Marion County, IN.

Jackson Haggard, H114158, son of Daniel and Jane (Andrews) was born 1825, Ross County, OH, married ca. 1847, Concord, Ross, OH, Maria De Poy, born 1826, OH, and had (1850-70-80 Census, Wayne, OH):

1. Margaret Haggard, H1141581, born 1848, Wayne, Fayette, OH.

2. Nancy Haggard, H1141582, born 1850, Wayne, Fayette, OH.

3. William Haggard, H1141583, born 1851, Wayne, Fayette, OH.

4. Sarah Haggard, H1141584, born 1853, Wayne, Fayette, OH.

5. John Haggard, H1141585, born 1855, Wayne, Fayette, OH.

6. Martha Haggard, H1141586, born 1863, Wayne, Fayette, OH.

7. James Haggard, H1141587, born 1866, Wayne, Fayette, OH.

8. Jacob Haggard, H1141588, born 1868, Wayne, Fayette, OH.

William Haggard, H1141583, son of Jackson and Maria (De Poy) Haggard, was born 1851, in Wayne, Fayette, OH, married ca, 1870, Delia (?), born 1848, and had two children in the 1880 Census:

1. Franklin Haggard, H11415831, born 1873, Wayne, Fayette, OH.

2. Emma Haggard, H11415832, born 1875, Wayne, Fayette, OH.


John W. Haggard, H11415A, son of Daniel and Jane (Andrews) Haggard, was born 18 September 1827, Ross County, OH, died 1899, Valley Springs, Boone, AR, married 22 Nevember 1846, Madison County, OH, Martha Jane Thacker, born 1826, Goochland County, VA, daughter of Thomas W. Thacker, and moved to Valley Springs, Boone, AR. (1860 Census Shelby, Tippecanoe, IN):

1. William Selkirk Haggard, H11415A1, born 18 September 1847.

2. James H. Haggard, H11415A2, born 1 January 1849, Frankfort, IN.

3. Thomas Jackson Haggard, H11415A3, born 1851, Madison County, OH.

4. Martha A. Haggard, H11415A4, born 1854, Madison County, OH, married 1 May 1882, Tippecanoe County, IN, W. B. Morgan.

5. Mary E. Haggard, H11415A5, born 1854, OH, married ca. 1874, William Kiser.

6. John M. Haggard, H11415A6, born 2 December 1858, Madison County, OH, 19 May 1910, Tippecanoe County, IN, married 17 June 1907, Clinton County, IN, Jennie Duncan.

7. Nancy J. Haggard, H11415A7, born 1859, Shelby, Tippecanoe, IN.

William Selkirk Haggard, H11415A1, Lieutenant Governor of Indiana, was a son of John W. and Martha Jane (Thacker) Haggard, born 18 September 1847, Jeffersonville, Fayette, IN, died 7 July 1911, Soldiers Home, Tippecanoe, IN, married 24 September 1873, Lafayette, Tippecanoe, IN, Josephine Lutz, born 9 September 1850, West Lafayette, Tippecanoe, IN, died 9 November 1934, Lafayette, IN, daughter of Jesse R. and Jane (Steely) Lutz. They had:

1. Jesse Lutz Haggard, H11415A12, born 2 August 1876, Lafayette, Tippecanoe, IN.

2. Frederick Haggard, H11415A13, born 19 August 1878, Lafayette, Tippecanoe, IN.

James H. Haggard, H11415A2, son of John W. and Martha Jane (Thacker) Haggard, was born 1 January 1849, Frankfort, Clinton, IN, died 25 May 1919, Shelby, Tippecanoe, IN, married 27 November 1867, West Point, Tippecanoe, IN, Sarah Elizabeth Kiser, born 1850, West Point, Tippecanoe, IN, died 25 December 1900, Montmorency, IN. They had twelve children, five died in infancy:

1. William Haggard, H11415A21, born 1870, IN.

2. Pearl A. Haggard, H11415A22, born 22 September 1876, Montmorency, IN, married ca. 1896, Mr. Harvey.

3. Jennie May Haggard, H11415A23, born 25 November 1877, Montmorency, IN, married ca. 1897, Mr. Robertson.

4. Theodore Haggard, H11415A24, born 8 February 1880, died before 1915.

5. Lucy Martha Haggard, H11415A25, born 27 July 1884, Montmorency, IN, married ca. 1904, Mr. Garrison.

6. James Samuel Haggard, H11415A26, born 9 February 1887, died before 1915.

7. Sarah Elizabeth Haggard, H11415A27, born 16 November 1891, Montmorency, IN, married ca. 1911, Mr. Stromberg.


Thomas Jackson Haggard, H11415A3, son of John W. and Martha Jane (Thacker) Haggard, was born born 1851, Madison County, OH, married ca. 1876, Shelby, Tippecanoe, IN, Agnes Miller/Caine, born ca. 1856, and had three sons and eight daughters (1880 Census):

1. Mattie Haggard, ca. 1878, Shelby, Tippecanoe, IN.

2. Berthie Haggard, 1880, Shelby, Tippecanoe, IN.

3. Robert Caine, brother, 1858.

4. Mary Alice Haggard, ca. 1882, married ca. 1902, Ira Taylor, and had a daughter:

1. Martha Taylor, born ca. 1903, married ca. 1923, Cleve Jennings.

Jesse Hoggard, H1142, son of John Hoggard, was born before 1740, Fredericksville Parish, Louisa County, VA, died April 1817, married Delilah ?, and had four children:

1. Nancy Ann Hoggard, H11421, born November 1772, Louisa County, VA.

2. John Hoggard, H11422, born ca. 1774, Louisa County, VA.

3. Barbara Hoggard, H1143, born ca. 1776, Louisa County, VA.

4. Austin Hoggard, H1144, born ca. 1778, Louisa County, VA.

Nancy Ann Hoggard, H11421, born November 1772, Louisa County, VA, married first 13 November 1792, Thomas Mallory, surety Jesse Hoggard in Louisa County, VA; married secondly 29 December 1808, Zedekiah Gibson, surety John Gentry, brother-in-law, witnesses: Jesse Hoggard and Nathaniel Snelson (who later with his wife witnessed Jesse's will).

1760 Purchased land from David Hambleton, father of Sally Hambleton

1777 May 13 — Louisa County, VA, Deed Book E, pages 160-161: Benjamin Cook of Louisa County, VA, sold to Nelson Anderson, Jr., of Hanover County, VA, for 210 pounds sterling, 200 acres, corner on the main road . . . Johnson's line, corner of William Ward line . . . to a branch . . . Hoggard's line . . . Hoggard's line to the main road, down the main road to a fork; bounded on all sides by lands of William Ward, John Johnson, Sarah Hambleton, Elizabeth Forsyth, Jesse Hoggard, John Hoggard, and the main road.

(s) Benjamin Cook

Witness: Thomas Peers

Benjamin Morris James Burnley

Acknowledged by Benjamin Cook, 14 July 1777.

1777 October 13 — Louisa County, VA, Deed Book E, page 21, paragraphs 189-190: Elizabeth Frosyth (sic) of Louisa County, VA, widow, sold to Jesse Burnley of Hanover County, for 55 pounds sterling, 60 acres whereon said Elizabeth now lives bounded by lands of Nelson Anderson, Sarah Hamelton, and Jesse Hoggard, which was purchased by said Elizabeth of William Archer (alias Tinsley).

(s) Elizabeth Forsyth

Witness: William Poindexter

David Davis Obediah Hinchie

Acknowledged by Philip Southerland, 13 October 1777


1787 August 7 — Louisa County, VA, Deed Book E, page 71, paragraphs 232-233: Philip Southerland of Louisa County, VA, sold to William Johns (Jones) of Fluvanna County, for 60 pounds sterling, 100 acres . . . William Sharp's line . . . John Pay's line . . . Pay's line to Combleton's line to Jesse Hoggard's line to John Hoggard's line . . .

(s) Philip Southerland

Witness: Joseph Southerland

Sandes (x) Southerland

Sally Jones

Acknowledged by Philip Southerland, 10 September 1787.

1787 December 28 — Louisa County, VA, Deed Book E, page 79, paragraphs 312-314: John Badgett and his wife Nancy and Thomas Badgett and his wife Ann of St. Martin's Parish in Louisa County, VA, sold to Jesse Hoggard of same for 27 pounds sterling, 100 acres . . . Johnson's corner on the main road, up the road to Richardson's line . . . crossing Thomas Creek to Indian Creek Road in Duke's and Foster's line, down the road to Johnson's line.

(s) John Badgett, Nancey (x) Badgett, Thomas (x) Badgett, Anne (x) Badgett

Witness: John Diggs, James Anthony, Henry Duke, William Waldrope

Acknowledged by John and Thomas Badgett and Nancy and Ann Badgett, 22 May 1788

1789 November 30 — Louisa County, VA, Deed Book F, page 105, paragraphs 510-513: David Hambleton of St. Martin's Parish, Louisa County, VA, sold to Jesse Hoggard of same for 35/12s pounds sterling, 70 acres on the south side of Henderson's Creek adjacent to said Hoggard's lands whereon he now lives . . . to Hoggard's corner on Gardner's line . . . Burnley's line to the creek, up the run to Hoggard's line.

(s) David Hambleton

Witness: James Micheie, Meredith Poindexter, John Winn

Acknowledged by David Hambleton, 8 February 1790.

1790 February 27 — Louisa County, VA, Deed Book F, page 114, paragraphs 89-91: David Hambleton of St. Martin's Parish, Louisa County, VA, sold to John Ward for 21/10s pounds sterling, 50 acres in said parish and county . . . Thomas Kersey's line, down the meanders of a branch of Henderson's Creek, being the (sic) Richard Richardson's to the junction with the main creek, down the main creek . . . line of David Hambleton . . . Hardin Duke's line.

(s) David Hambleton

Witness: Thomas Kersey, Jesse Hoggard, Richard Richardson

Acknowledged by David Hambleton, 14 June 1790.


John Hoggard, H11422, son of Jesse and Delilah (?) Hoggard, was born 1775, Louisa County, VA, died 1844, married 11 November 1797, Elizabeth "Betsy" Smith, born ca. 1770, died prior to 1830 census, daughter of David Smith.

1. John Hoggard, H114221, born ca. 1800, Fredericksville, Louisa, VA.

2. Barbara Hoggard, H114222, born ca. 1802, Louisa County, VA.

3. Temple Haggard, H114223, born 7 November 1802, Fluvanna County, VA.

4. Delilah Hoggard, H114224, born ca. 1804, Louisa County, VA.

5. Ann Hoggard, H114225, born ca. 1806, Louisa County, VA.

6. Andrew Haggard, H114226, born ca. 1808, Fluvanna County, VA.

7. James Haggard, H114227, born ca. 1811, Fluvanna County, VA, married 4 July 1833, Fluvanna County, VA, Nancy Harlowe.

1797 November 11 — Marriage Registry, Louisa County, VA, John Haggard, born prior to 1776, married Elizabeth "Betsy" Smith, born ca. 1777, David Smith surety.

1820 Census Louisa County, VA, John Haggard, farmer, born ca. 1776-1794, three sons 1805-1820, wife born 1795-1892.

1828 Andrew Haggard, H114222, purchased 50 acres of land located on Bird Creek in Louisa County, VA, from his parents, John and Elizabeth "Betsy" (Smith) Haggard, for 150 pounds sterling. Deed Book S, page 443, Louisa County, VA.

1828 Temple Haggard, H114224, purchased 120 acres on Rocky Creek, Louisa County, VA, from his parents, Deed Book T, page 323, Louisa County, VA.

1830 Census Louisa County, John Hoggard, born prior to 1780, one son 1800-1810, no wife.

1840 Census Louisa County, VA, John Hoggard, born 1770-1780, living alone.

1844 Will Index, Louisa County, VA, Vol. I, page 241; details Vol. II, page 382. John Hoggard, no will, just inventory of personal property valued at $250, signed by appraisers, no record of distribution or disposal.

John Hoggard, H114221, son of John and Elizabeth "Betsy" (Smith) Haggard, was born born ca. 1800, Fredericksville, Louisa, VA, married ca. 1821, unidentified, and had a daughter:

1. Meriweather S. Haggard, H1142211, born ca. 1818, Fluvanna County, VA, married 3 December 1840, Mary M. Banks.

2. Mary Haggard, H1142212, born ca. 1822, Fluvanna County, VA, married 12 January 1842, Fluvanna County, VA, James D. Statham.

3. Susan Haggard, H1142213, born ca. 1833, Fluvanna County, VA, married 1853, Fluvanna County, VA, Patrick McDonald.

Temple Haggard, H114224, son of John and Elizabeth "Betsy" (Smith) Haggard, was born 7 November 1802, Fluvanna County, VA, died 4 February 1893, married 24 October 1822, Louisa County, VA, Margaret Johnson, born ca. 1895, VA. (1850 Census, Ross County, OH):

1. Temple G. Haggard, born ca. 1824, VA.

2. Minerva Ann Haggard, born ca. 1826, Louisa County, VA, married 20 April 1845, Concord, Ross, OH, Samuel Cline, and had several children. She notes her parents moved to Ohio in 1836.

3. Alexander M. Haggard, born ca. 1828, Louisa County, VA, died 14 February 1877, and is buried in Ohio with his parents, married 28 December 1854, Margaret Cochran.

4. Elizabeth F. A. Haggard, born ca. 1830, VA.

Temple Haggard, H114224, son of John and Elizabeth "Betsy" (Smith) Haggard, married secondly ca. 1845, Mary (?) DeVoult, a widow with two children, and they had three children:

5. John DeVoult, born ca. 1837, Ross County, OH.

6. Susana DeVoult, born ca. 1843, Ross County, OH.

7. Barbara E. Haggard, born ca. 1846, Ross County, OH.

8. James A. Haggard, born ca. 1847, Ross County, OH.

9. Almira Haggard, born ca. 1849, Ross County, OH.

Barbara Haggard, H11423, daughter of Jesse and Delilah (?) Haggard, was born ca. 1779, Fredericksville Parish, Louisa, VA, married 14 January 1799, Albemarle Co., VA, John Gentry, Jr., born ca. 1775, Louisa Co., VA, died 1854, son of John Gentry. They had five children:

1. Claybourne Watson Gentry, born ca. 1800, Albemarle Co., VA, married Mary Johnson.

2. Owen Gentry, born ca. 1802, Albemarle County, VA, moved to Tennessee.

3. Austin Gentry, H114233, born ca. 1804, Albemarle County, VA.

4. Theodocia Gentry, born ca. 1806, Albemarle County, VA, married Thomas Armstrong.

5. William N. Gentry, born ca. 1806, Albemarle County, VA.

Austin Gentry, H114233, son of John and Barbara (Haggard) Gentry, Jr., was born ca. 1804, Albemarle County, VA, (father's consent required to his marriage) married ca. 1823, and had seven children (wife unidentified):

1. Amanda Gentry, H1142331, born ca. 1824, married ca. 1844, Overton Harris.

2. Abner Gentry, H1142332, born ca. 1826, VA, married ca. 1848, Bette Davis.

3. Benjamin Gentry, H1142333, born ca. 1828, VA, married ca. 1850, Ellen Dodd.

4. Sarah Gentry, H1142334, born ca. 1831, married ca. 1851, Lilburn Davis.

5. Evaline Gentry, H1142335, born ca. 1833, mar. ca. 1853, Pleasant Henshaw.

6. Delilah Gentry, H1142336, born ca. 1835, VA, married ca. 1855, John Sharp.

7. Uriah M. Gentry, H1142337, born ca. 1837, married ca. 1859, Ella Mitchell.

Delilah Haggard, H11424, daughter of Jesse and Delilah (?) Haggard, was born ca. 1784, Fredericksville Parish, Louisa, VA, died before 1817, married 8 December 1804, Louisa County, VA, Joseph Fox Johnson, and had three children:

1. Charles Johnson, born ca. 1805, Louisa County, VA.

2. Francis Johnson, born ca. 1807, Louisa County, VA.

3. Peter Johnson, born ca. 1809, Louisa County, VA.

Austin Hoggard, H1144, son of Jesse and Delilah (?) Hoggard, was born ca. 1792, Louisa County, VA, married 22 February 1813, Louisa County, VA, Sally Hambleton, born ca. 1793, died ca. 1849, Perry County, MO, daughter of David Hambleton. They had twelve children:

1. Son Hoggard, born ca. 1815.

2. Daughter Hoggard, born ca. 1816.

3. Daughter Hoggard, born ca. 1818.

4. Daughter Hoggard, born ca. 1820.

5. Son Hoggard, born ca. 1825.

6. Daughter Hoggard, born ca. 1827.

7. Daughter Hoggard, born ca. 1829.

8. Sarah Ann Hoggard, born ca. 1831, KY.

9. John Hoggard, born ca. 1839, Perry County, MO.

10. Thomas Hoggard, born ca. 1841, Perry County, MO.

11. Charles Hoggard, born ca. 1846, Perry County, MO.

12. Joseph Hoggard, born ca. 1848, Perry County, MO.

Nathaniel Haggard, H116, son of James and Elizabeth (Gentry) Haggard, was born 21 November 1723, Stafford County, VA, died 21 August 1806, Winchester, Clark County, KY, is believed to have married twice, first ca. 1743, Louisa County, VA, Mary Hazelrigg, and had two sons:

1. Rev. Henry Haggard, H1161, born 27 March 1745, Albemarle County.

2. Rev. Martin Haggard, H1162, born ca. 1747, Albemarle County, VA.

Nathaniel Haggard, H116, married secondly before 1752, Albemarle County, VA, Elizabeth Gentry, born 14 August 1731, Hanover County, VA, died 28 July 1820, Winchester, Clark County, KY, daughter of Nicholas Gentry, II, and Mary Brooks. They had eight children. (Most records show Elizabeth Gentry as the mother of Henry and Martin, but since she was born in 1731 she would have married before she was 14 years of age, so appears too young.):

3. Elizabeth Haggard, H1163, born 1752, Albemarle County, VA.

4. John Haggard, H1164, born 1754, Albemarle County, VA.

5. Mary O. Haggard, H1165, born 5 March 1757, Albemarle County, VA.

6. Rev. James Haggard, H1166, born 1759, Albemarle County, VA.

7. Jane Haggard, H1167, born 1761, Albemarle County, VA.

8. Bartlett Haggard (twin), H1168, born 1764, Albemarle County, VA.

9. David Haggard (twin), H1169, born 1764, Albemarle County, VA.

10. Nathaniel Haggard, Jr., H116A, born 1752, Albemarle County, VA.

1779 April 21 — Nathaniel Haggard and family lived in Charlottesville, Albemarle, VA, during the Revolutionary War. He was elected to the Virginia House of Burgesses and signed the "Virginia Delaration of Independence". (original preserved in the Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, VA.)

1784 March 11, N.S., Ord. Bk. 1783-1785, p. 122 — Ordered that James Jones be appointed overseer of the road from Olds Forge to Charlottesville and that he have for his gang his own hands, John Henderson Jr., Jeremiah Hammer, Capt. Thomas Jones, Hopkins Lewis, James and William Spears, Stephen Hughes, Nathaniel Haggard, Jeremiah Cleveland, Benajah Gentry, Col. John Old, Ephraim Bowen, Hudson Martin and their male labouring titheables.

1784 15 October, N.S., Ord. Bk. 1783-1785, p. 265 — Ordered that James Jones be appointed overseer of the road from the branch by his house to Charlottesville and that he have for his gang John Henderson, Gentleman, Stephen Hughes, Edward Hughes, Nathaniel Haggard, Augustine Meeks, Mattheu Mullins and William Spencer with their and his own male labouring titheables.


1780 to 1850

Benjamine Haggard married Polly Nokes, 21 July 1785

William Haggard married Rosanna Nowell or Norwell, 11 February 1788.

James Haggard married Lucy Brown, 29 May 1792.

John Haggard married Rhoda Warren, 10 Marh 1807.

Ann Haggard married Elijah Bell, 11 November 1807.

Mary Haggard married David Warren, 1 March 1807.

Diannah Haggard married Joseph Langdon, 6 January 1809.

George Haggard married Nancy Whitemore, 13 April 1819.

Elizabeth Haggard married Pleasant Camden, 4 March 1839.

Catherine Haggard married Elijah Denny, 25 Decrmber 1841.

Eastham Haggard married Matilda Haggard, 1 April 1845.


(About land records found in Lincoln County)

Compiled by James F. Sutherland

Name Date Acres Watercourse Prior Assignee

Henry Haggard 30 Jun 1796

13 Apr 1797

14 May 1799 100 Dicks River

25 Jul 1800 170 "

26 Jun 1801 175 " Watkins

23 Jun 1802 175 "

23 Jun 1803 175 " Watkins

3 Aug 1804 175 "

31 Jul 1805 175 "

2 Aug 1806 175 " J. Watkins

25 May 1807 175 " J. Watkins

22 Apr 1808 250 " Watkins

1 Jul 1809 250 " G. Mathews

1 Jul 1809 100 Copper Creek Knox


(formed in 1780 from part of Kentucky County, VA)

County seat, Stanford, KY

Tax List Date

12 June 1787 Benjamin Haggard

5 July 1787 William Haggard

12 Aug. 1789 Benjamin Haggard


FROM 1780-1870

1788 Nathaniel Haggard from Lewis Johnson, Book A, Page 354, 700 acres: This indenture made this ninth day of April One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty-Eight between Lewis Johnson and Massie his wife of the County Albemarle of the State of Virginia of the one part witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred and eighty pounds current money of Virginia to them in hand paid by the said Nathanael Haggard the receipt whereof they do hereby acknowledge hath given, granted, bargained and sold unto the said Nathanael Haggard and his heirs and assigns forever, one certain tract or parcel of land containing by patent (granted to the said Lewis Johnson) seven hundred acres lying and being in the County of Lincoln on the north side of Dick's River and bounded as followeth:

Beginning at a Sycamore Tree on the bank of Dick's River one mile and a half below the mouth of Gilbert's Creek and running thence north thirty degrees two hundred and forty-six poles (1 pole = 5 yards) to an Ash Tree, thence north thirty degrees east sixty poles to a Beech Tree, thence north sixty degrees east one hundred twenty-eight poles to a Hickory, thence north one hundred and twenty-eight poles to a Walnut and Ash Tree, thence east three hundred and eighteen poles to a Hickory and White Oak in James McDaniel's line, thence south ten degrees west two hundred and forth-five poles with the said McDaniel's line to a White Oak, thence west two hundred and seventy-two poles to a Sugar Tree, and thence south one hundred and fifty poles to a Buckeye Tree, thence west thirty-two poles to a Sugar Tree, thence south thirty degrees west one hundred and fourteen poles to an Elm Tree, thence west fifty-five poles to the beginning.

To have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land with all of singular the appurtenance thereunto belonging unto the said Nathanael Haggard and his assigns forever, provided it should happen that a prior claimant to the said Lewis Johnson should recover and obtain thirty acres of the aforesaid tract of land, the Lewis Johnson is not hereby bound to convey in fee simple the said thirty acres part of the aforementioned tract. But the said Lewis Johnson and Massie his wife for themselves, their heirs, executors and admninistrators doth hereby covenant and agree with said Nathanael Haggard, his heirs and assigns, that the said Lewis Johnson and seventy acres of the above mentioned tract of land with all and singular the appurtenances there unto belonging will forever warrant and defend against the claim or claims of all persons whatsoever and the remaining thirty acres they do hereby warrant and defend against the claim of them the said Lewis Johnson and Massie his wife or any other person by from and under them unto the said Nathanael Haggard and his assigns forever.

In witness whereof the said Lewis Johnson and Massie his wife hath hereunto set their hand and affixed their seals the day and year first written above.

Lewis Johnson, (L.S.)

Massie (X) Johnson, (L.S.)

Signed and sealed and delivered in the presence of:

Martin Haggard

Edward (x) Kindred

Elizabeth (x) Kindred

MEMORANDUM that on the day and year within written quiet and peaceable possession of the land and premises within mentioned was had by the within named Nathanael Haggard and to his heirs and assigns forever according to the true intent and meaning of the within indenture.

(s) Lewis Johnson, Martin Haggard, Edward Kindred, Elizabeth Kindred

At a court held for Lincoln County the 15th day of July 1788 this indenture and the memorandum thereon endorsed was proved to be the act and deed of the said Lewis Johnson by the oaths of Martin Haggard, and Edward Kindred witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.

Teste Willis Green, C.L.C.

1795 Nathanael Haggard to William Parks, Book B, Page 457.

Nathanael Haggard to Samuel Lowe, Book B, Page 458.

1820 Nathanael Haggard heirs from Rodham Loamford, 325 acres, Book K, Page 136.

1820 Nathanael Haggard heirs from Reuben Parks, one tract, Dix River, Book K, Page 141: 4 November 1820 — This indenture made and entered into this 14th day of November 1820 between Bartlett Haggard of the County of Clark and State of Kentucky for himself and as attorney in fact for Henry Haggard, John Haggard, David Haggard, James Haggard, Nathanael Haggard, William Kindred and his wife Mary, late Mary Haggard, Jane Gentry, widow of David Gentry deceased, late Jane Haggard, Edward Kindred and his wife late Elizabeth Haggard, heirs and representatives of Nathanael Haggard, deceased, of the one part and Peyton Parks of the County of Lincoln and State of Kentucky of the other part. Witnesseth that the said Bartlett Haggard for himself and as attorney in fact for the heirs of Nathanael Haggard, deceased for and in consideration of the sum of five hundred and sixty-eight dollars current money to him in hand paid, the receipt whereof he doth hereby acknowledge, hath this day granted, bargained and sold, and by these presence doth grant, bargain and sell unto the said Peyton Parks, his heirs, etc., one certain tract of land lying and being in the County of Lincoln and on the waters of Dick's River and bounded to wit: (description given).

Signed by: Mary Kindred, Eliza Haggard, Dolly Haggard, Nancy Haggard, Martha Haggard, Bartlett Haggard, Henry Haggard, John Haggard, James Haggard, Mary Kindred, Jane Gentry, David Haggard, Nathanael Haggard, Edward Kindred, Liza Kindred, William Kindred



(formed in 1780 from part of Kentucky County, VA)

county seat, Lexington, KY

FIRST CENSUS OF KENTUCKY, 1 November, 1790, Charles B. Heinemann, Southern

Book Company, Baltimore, 1956, Page 42

Bartlett Haggard, Fayette County, H1169, son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Gentry) Haggard.

James Hagart, Fayette County, H1166, son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Gentry) Haggard.

Martin Haggert, Fayette County, H1162, son of Nathaniel and Mary (Hazelrigg)? Haggard.

Nathaniel Haggert, Fayette County, H116, son of James and Elizabeth (Gentry) Haggard.

Thomas Haggin, Fayette County

NOTE: Haggard spelled three different ways.


(formed 1792 from parts of Fayette and Bourbon Counties)

county seat, Winchester, KY

Nathaniel Haggard Home (Pictured on the cover of the Kentucky Historical Society periodical Volume 6, No. 3, of January 1971) — The original room built by Nathaniel Haggard, Sr., in 1786 of hewn cherry and ash logs was still standing in good repair in 1949 when pictures were taken by William A. Fitzgerald. More rooms had been added at a later date. This house is located on the farm of W. E. Heflin on Howard Creek three miles south of Winchester on the east side of the Boonesboro Pike and three-quarter mile from the Pike.

The Bartlett Haggard home place is one-quarter mile north of his father's home and in 1949 was owned by Wheeler Haggard, son of James. The Bartlett Haggard Cemetery is to the right of the house and within sight, enclosed by a stone wall.

NOTE by Margaret K. (Haggard) Fitzgerald, 18 August 1980; "It was a small log house and was the center of a larger house built around it. We went to see it a few years ago. Last year (1979) it was burned down by vandals. The Nathaniel Haggard Cemetery, 200 yards northwest of the house, was a pasture and the field stone markers were gone.



In the name of God, amen.

I, Nathaniel Haggard, of Clark County and State of Kentucky, being in perfect health, sound mind and memory do make this my last will and testament, revoking all other wills by me heretofore made. I give to my wife Elizabeth Haggard all my estate real and personal during her life time or during her widowhood.

I GIVE to my son Nathaniel Haggard the plantation house whereon I now live and the same land and plantation to be valued by three discreet persons and my said son to receive of the said plantation and land at the value so as to be upon an equality with the rest of my children and if valued to more than an equal share the surplus to be paid equally to the rest of my children and if valued less than my other children tp pay cash on an equal share round so as to bring the said Nathaniel Haggard upon an equality one with the other.

I GIVE to my children, one with another, to Hennery Haggard and to my son John Haggard, to my daughter Mary Kindred and to my son James Haggard and David Haggard and to Bartlett Haggard and to Jane Gentry and to Elizabeth Kindred all my estate real and personal to be divided among them so that each of my children receive an equal portion of my estate so that my son Nathaniel Haggard by receiving the above plantation shall not receive any more or less of my estate than the above mentioned children.

AND LASTLY I conclude and appoint my wife Elizabeth Haggard and my son John Haggard and David Haggard and Bartlett Haggard and Jane Gentry and Nathaniel Haggard executors of this my last will and testament as witness my hand and seal this 17th day of July Eighteen Hundred.

(s) Nathanele Haggard

Attest: Allen Neel

Robert Elkin

Will probated August 25 1806

NOTE: Son Martin Haggard apparently was not married when he was killed by indians in Tennessee prior to the writing of Nathaniel Haggard's will. Son Rev. Henry Haggard apparently was not named executor since he had already moved to Tennessee.





Containing also Biographies of Other Famous Women, Types of Heroism, Beauty and Influence

J. S. Ziegler & Company, Chicago, Illinois

Copyright 1897 J. H. Willard

Captain John Smith, of Lincolnshire in England, after having spent an Adventurous apprenticeship in the art of war in the Low Countries and in Turkey, set

sail from London, England, in December 1606 for the fertile and Salubrious coasts of Virginia. Captain Bartholomew Gosnold, who had already made a prosperous voyage to New England, George Perry, the brother of the Earl of Northumberland, Mr. Wingfield, a merchant, and Mr. Hunt, a clergyman, accompanied Smith and the colonists who numbered one hundred and five souls, embarked in three small vessels. They followed the old route by the Canaries and the West Indies. Smith became so popular with the colonists, that his jealous colleagues accused him of forming a conspiracy by which he was to make himself king of Virginia; they kept him in prison during the remainder of the voyage. Land was discovered at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay late in April 1607; it was named Cape Henry, in honor of the Prince of Wales. A river emptying its waters into the bay was named James River, in honor of the King. The strangers sailed into this stream, and ascended a distance of forty miles from its mouth. Here the landscape was so inviting, and the early beauties of a Virginia spring were so alluring, that on the 13th of May they resolved to pitch their tents and gave to the site thus chosen the name of Jamestown. The river's bank was so bold that their ships rode in six fathoms water, though moored to the trees on the land.

At this period, the extent of the country now known as Virginia was occupied by twenty thousand Indians eight thousand of them being subjects of Powhatan, a savage of warlike renown and superior talents. His dominions, acquired by inheritance, he had extended by conquest, and by his arts and the force of his character, had united forty tribes under his single authority. He looked with enmity upon the colonists and circumstances made him at an early period their implacable foe. Before many months had elapsed, the chief management of their affairs devolved upon Smith, a result which all had regarded as inevitable sooner or later. He devoted himself energetically to the building of Jamestown, and to the obtaining of provisions wherewith to stock it. He made a foray into an Indian settlement, and by the use of his firearms, induced a party of savages to load his boat with corn, venison and wild fowl, and to accept beads and hatchets in return. He repeated his excursions from time to time, though dissensions invariably broke out among his people during his absence. Before the approach of winter he had gained such an ascendancy over the Indians, that on invading their territory he was certain to find them awaiting his coming, with baskets laden with corn, beans and pumpkins. The bays and rivers were covered with ducks and geese, and thus the tables of the adventurers were thus bountifully spread.

In one of his attempts to find the source of the Chickahominy River, being very insufficiently attended Smith's party was attacked by three hundred savages led by Opechancanough, Powhatan's brother. Though wounded in the thigh, he bound one of the Indian guides to his left arm, using him as a buckler, and at the same time plied his musket so effectively that he killed three of his assailants and wounded several others. While attempting to reach his canoe, he sank with his buckler on his arm up to his waist in a bog. The savages dared not approach him 'till benumbed with cold he threw away his arms and shield in token of surrender. They extricated him from the morass, carried him in their bivouac, and attempted to restore the circulation to his frozen blood by vigorous friction.

Smith, without condescending to beg for his life, requested to speak with the chief. Upon being presented to Openhancanough, he drew from his pocket a portable ivory compass which he used to guide his course through the woods. He called the chief's attention to the restless play of the needle, at the same time attempting to explain own account of the the wonderful purpose it was made to serve. In his interview, he states that he went on to expound the mysteries of astronomy, the alternations of the seasons and the revolutions of the earth, "and how the sun did chase the night about the world continually;" but those who are aware how difficult it is to comprehend these abstruse matters, and to obtain an adequate conception of the Copernican system, even with the aid of diagrams and an oratory, will probably conclude that Smith entirely overrated his skill in pantomime. But at any rate, the interesting little dial, which no doubt was taken for a god or medicine, saved him from the immediate death to which he was doomed, and he was taken in a procession to the village of Orapax. Here the warriors performed a hideous war dance around him, to the delight of the assembled squaws and papooses. He was then plied so bountifully with excellent fare, that he imagined he was to be fattened for the table--a calumnious supposition, by the way, as the Indians of North America have always been free from the disgusting practice of cannibalism.

Some time after this, Smith was taken to Werowocomoco, the residence of POWHATAN, the great chief. He was detained for a time, that the emperor might receive him with becoming ceremony. He was at last introduced into a wigwam of unusual size, in the center of which was a blazing fire. At one end, upon a rude throne, sat Powhatan, a man of noble stature, and of majestic, though severe demeanor. He was dressed in raccoon skins, "the tails all hanging by." On one side of him was his daughter Matachanna, on the other his younger and favorite daughter Matoaka, the "Snow Feather," destined in the coming hour to render herself immortal under the beautiful assumed name Pocahontas. Against each wall of the wigwam sat a row of women, their faces and shoulders painted red, their hair adorned with the white down of birds, and their necks ornamented with beads.

The Queen of Apamatuck brought the guest water with which to wash his hands, and another lady of rank a bunch of feathers with which to dry them. A consultation was then held, at the end of which two large stones were laid before POWHATAN. Smith was dragged to the altar thus improvised, and his head was placed on the stones. Some half dozen savages raised their clubs in the air, waiting for Powhatan's signal to beat out the helpless victim's brains. Matoaka for a moment stayed her father's purpose by her tears and entreaties; but finding all intercession unavailing, she sprang forward, kneeled over Smith's prostrate form, clasped his head in her arms, and placing her own upon it, seemed determined to share his fate. This heroic and generous act touched the hearts of Powhatan and the executioners; the chief to the solicitations of his daughter, and set the sentence of death aside, resolving to employ Smith as an artisan, to make hatchets, bows and arrows for himself, and bells and beads for MATOAKA.

Matoaka was at this period twelve years old, having been born in 1795. Of her life up to the period of which we are speaking, nothing whatever is known, and history has preserved no record of the influences which conspired to form a character which would have been beautiful anywhere, and was a marvel in one reared in a Virginia forest, amid lawless and untutored savages. It is certain however, that upon the settlement of the English colonists in their vicinity, Powhatan changed her name to that of Pocahontas signifying "a run between two hills." He appears to have believed that by thus concealing her true name he would deprive the English of the power of harming her should she by any mischance fall into their hands.

John Smith was detained two days, and then dismissed with compliments and promises of friendship. Powhatan often sent Pocahontas to Jamestown with provisions of which the colonists stood at great need. Mr. William Strachey, the first secretary of the colony, makes the following incidental mention of these visits of Pocahontas, in his "History of Travail into Virginia Britainia": "The better sort of women cover themselves for the most part all over with the skin mantels finely grist shagged and fringed at the skirt. Their younger women go not shadowed amongst their own company until they be nigh eleven or twelve returns of the leaf old — for so they eclamptic and bring about the year — nor are they much ashamed thereof, and therefore would the before remembered Pocahontas, a well-featured but wanton young girl, POWHATAN's daughter, sometime resorting to our fort, get the boys forth with her into the market place, and make them wheel, falling on their hands, turning up their heels upwards, whom she would follow and wheel so herself, naked as she was, all the fort over; but being once twelve years, they put on a kind of semicinctum leathern apron, as do our artificers or handicrafts men."

Smith returned the same winter to Werowocomoco, bringing with him one Captain Newport, who had just arrived from England, and was anxious to behold the emperor. Powhatan exerted himself to entertain them sumptuously. He received them reclining upon his couch of mats and dressed as before in the fur of the raccoon, his pillow of skins lying beside him brilliantly embroidered with shells and beads. Speeches and feasts with dancing and singing followed; and finally Newport and Powhatan made up their minds to trade. Newport was inclined to haggle, but was reproved by Powhatan. "Captain Newport," said he, "it is not agreeable to my greatness to truck in this piddling manner for trifles. I am a great sachem, and I esteem you the same. Therefore lay me down all your commodities together; what I like I will take, and in return you shall have what I conceive to be fair value." Upon this request being acceded to, Powhatan coolly made an adroit selection, giving three bushels of corn in exchange. Newport had calculated upon twenty hogsheads at least.

Smith, vexed at Newport's imprudent operation by which he had greatly lowered the value of many articles of barter saw it was indispensable to do away with its ill effects by a counter operation. He drew forth a quantity of toys and gewgaws, glancing at them dexterously in the light. Powhatan eyed with admiring gaze a string of blue glass beads. Smith put the beads away. Powhatan offered to buy them. Smith said they were not for sale. Powhatan insisted. Smith replied that they were the color of the sky and only to be worn by great sachems. He soon became quite beside himself to possess the beads, and finally purchased them for three hundred bushels of corn. Smith, not ashamed of having overreached the father of Pocahontas in this unseemly manner subsequently outwitted her uncle Opechancsnough in precisely the same way. Blue beads soon became imperial symbols of enormous value and none but sachems and members of their families dared to be seen wearing them.

Powhatan's fancy was next attracted by the swords of the colonists which he had occasion to admire as more efficient than the native hatchets and tomahawks. Remembering Newport's indefinite notions of barter and sale he sent him twenty turkeys with a request for twenty swords in return, with which that inconsiderate gentleman furnished him unhesitatingly. He attempted to wheedle Smith in the same way but the shrewd pioneer kept the turkeys and swords both. Powhatan therefore ordered his people to possess themselves of the weapons of the English whenever an opportunity offered either by stratums or force. They commenced their depredations and continued them until surprised by Smith, and then confessed that he was endeavoring to obtain arms that he might afterwards exterminate them. When the sachem learned that his plot was discovered he sent the gentle Pocahontas to Smith with directions to excuse him and to lay the entire blame upon his disorderly and ungovernable warriors. Smith released his prisoners after a sufficient chastisement sending word to Powhatan that if he treated them with unmilitary clemency it was wholly due to the intercession of Pocahontas.

Smith was now elected governor of Virginia. Newport, who had in the meantime sailed home to England, returned bringing numerous costly presents for Powhatan — the effect of which would be, Smith feared, to cause the emperor to overrate the importance of his own favor. One of the presents was a royal crown, the gift of King James I, who doubtless hoped to seduce Powhatan into submission to his dominion or at least to assimilate the royal authority of his sylvan ally to his own by the solemn ceremony of a coronation. Smith set out to invite Powhatan to Jamestown for the purpose of receiving the presents. On his arrival at Werowocomoco he found Powhatan absent. Pocahontas sent for him immediately and in the meantime entertained her visitors with an extraordinary pageant which in the original narrative is called an "anticke."

A fire was made in an open field and Smith was placed upon a mat before it with his men around him. Hideous shouts were then heard in the woods and the Englishmen fearing a surprise seized their arms. "Then presently," says the chronicle, "they were presented with this anticke. Thirty young women came naked out of the woods only covered behind and before with a few green leaves; their bodies all painted some one color and some another, but all differing. Their leader had a pair of buck's horns on her head and an otter's skin at her girdle, another at her arm, a quiver of arrows at her back, a bow and arrows in her hand. The next had in her hand a sword, another a club, another a pot-stick, all horned alike; the rest every one with their several devices. These fiends, with most hellish shouts and cries, rushing from among the trees, caste themselves in a ring about the fire, singing and dancing with the most excellent ill variety, oft falling into their infernal passions, and again to sing and dance. Having spent near an hour in this masquerade as they entered in like manner they departed.

"Having reconditely themselves, they solemnly invited Smith to their lodgings, when he was no sooner within the house but all these nymphs more tormented him than ever, with crowding, pressing and hanging about him, most tediously crying, 'Love you not me?' This salutation ended, the feast was set consisting of all the savage dainties they could devise, some attending, others dancing about them. This mirth being ended, with firebrands instead of torches they conducted him to his lodging.

"Thus did they show their feats of arms, and others art in dancing. Some others used their oaten pipes, and others voices chanting."

The next mention of Pocahontas in the Virginia chronicles is in the character of the guardian angel of the settlers. Powhatan had resolved to fall upon the English, and made such formidable preparations as would secure him an easy triumph, had not his intentions been divulged by his daughter. "For Pocahontas, his dearest jewel, in that dark night came through the irksome woods and told our Captain great cheer should be sent us by and by but Powhatan and all the power he could make would after come kill us all, if all that brought it could not kill us with our own weapons when we were at supper. Therefore if we would live she wished us presently to be gone. Such things as she delighted in the Captain would have given her but with tears running down her cheeks she said she darest not be seen to have any for if Powhatan should know it she were but dead and so she ran away by herself as she came." Thus placed upon his guard by his amiable and disinterested preserver Smith baffled the artful design of Powhatan and with his men departed at high water.

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