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A person's most treasured possession, their most valued asset, is their name. Everyone at heart is an ancestor worshipper. No one needs to be ashamed of a proper and wholesome family pride. All the races of mankind, from the most primitive tribes to the most sophisticated, have preserved by some means the descent of their great families, their chiefs and commoners. The sacred contain a great many genealogies, passed down by word of mouth, in poem, song and chant, for many generations before they were committed to writing. The family is the cornerstone of our civilization, vital to our racial, national and personal security.

For most of us it is not possible to trace with accuracy before the time when surnames were first adopted. The nomads of the dark ages felt no need of surnames, nor did their contemporaries in the established communities, the hamlets and manors where all lived under the patronage of their local Lord. At first there was but one house, the Lord's hall whose inhabitants bore personal names related to their occupation or their personal characteristics, or their aspirations in this world or the next. By the time the whole of Europe was won to Christianity most of the names familiar to us today as Christian names had been chosen.

In those days when communities were small and men were closely bound by personal allegiance to each other, each was identified by a single name only. As the population increased, communication, trade and travel became easier, confusion would arise unless there was some way of identifying particular persons of the same name. Thus surnames began to be used. At first they were not necessarily fixed, and changed with each generation as if they had been a second Christian name. They were chosen casually, and discarded without a thought.

Usually one of four sources would provide a surname. It might be the name of a parent William the son of John might be William Johnson, but his son might be William Williamson. It might be a person's trade or occupation Fletcher, the arrow maker; Constable, the custodian of the peace; Shoemaker, the cobbler; Carpenter, one who builds houses. It might remind a person's neighbors of their birthplace York, the person from York or their residence Woods, by the woods; Ford, near the ford. Any of these names might become hereditary and become true family surnames. Thus a name begins its course through history.

Smith in his "History of Surnames" states that the surname Haggard/Hoggard and their many variations was first Hagar in Hebrew had a meaning of "stranger" which has an early history going back to the Bible where Hagar was a concubine of Abraham, mother of Ishmael. She was Sarah's handmaiden who, because she bore a son to Abraham while Sarah was barren, grew haughty. After the birth of Sarah's son Isaac, Hagar and Ishmael were turned out of Abraham's tents. They almost died in the wilderness; but were rescued when God pointed out a spring to Hagar. (See Gen. XVI).

In Welsh it was Hayard meaning "pleasing"; in Cornish British it was Hegar, and in Gaelic it was Argher meaning "joy"; in the Dutch language it is Hageraats, and in German "Horger" meaning "firm edge" as in a sword. In Denmark the name Ogard had a meaning of "hay yard". Webster's Dictionary lists "Hag" as "a witch; an ugly old woman; and "ard" as a suffix indicating "in excess"; "Haggard" meaning "lean and hollow-eyed".

Guppy in his "History of Surnames" notes Haggard and its variants are probably connected in their descent with the Hagards, who were the Lords of the manor of Bourn in the 17th and 18th centuries.


The largest sources of information on the Haggard family are the previously published books:

"History of the Haggard Family in England and America: 1433-1899" written by David Dawson Haggard in 1899 and published by Joel Munsell's Sons, Albany, NY, a copy of which is in the National Archives in Washington, DC.

"The Gentry Family in America: 1676-1909" written by Richard Gentry, a copy of which is in the Rhode Island Historical Society Library. Reprints have been advertised.

"Genealogy and History of the Haggard Family: 1433 to 1899 to 1938 to 1954" copyright 1938 by Jennie (Haggard) Ray, printed in the United States of America by Regional Press, Inc. This is a revision of David Dawson Haggard's book with additions to the line of John Haggard, son of Nathaniel Haggard.

"The Clabaughs with a Special Chapter on Henry Haggard, 1744-1842" by Betty Harrell, 621 Harrington Avenue, Los Altos, CA 94022, copyright 1982. This is an excellent biography of life and times of Rev. Henry Haggard, son of Nathaniel Haggard.

"Rice Haggard, the American Frontier Evangelist Who Revived the Name Christian" by Colby D. Hall, published in 1957 by the T.C.U. Press, Ft. Worth, TX. This ia an excellent booklet on the life of Rice Haggard, son of Edmund Haggard, one of the four sons of James Haggard identified in David Dawson Haggard's book.

"Comstock, Haggard and Allied Families" compiled and edited by Mary Jane Comstock, printed by the Adams Press, Chicago, 1973. Copy in the Library of Congress, catalog card No. 73-76375. Mary Jane Comstock was stricken with Polio at the age of 21 which left her a quadriplegic. She died before she could find her connecting link to the known Haggard lines. Her courage should be an inspiration to all of us. Later research indicates she was a descendant of Zechariah Haggard.

"The Hoggards of Poplar Hall" researched, compiled, edited and published by Mrs. Alice Granberry Walter, 4004 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 506, Virginia Beach, VA 23451. She shows the probable connection between Peter Hogard and the James Haggard, identified by David Dawson Haggard as the founder of the family.

Our Sincere thanks to all the members of the family who have shared their research and family records.

"Honor your father and mother, that your days may be long in the land which the Lord your God gives you." Exodus 20:12

God has kept His promise to us, let us keep His commandments.



AND AMERICA: 1433-1899"


Sir Andrew Ogard (Aagard), O, Scotland as Andrew Peterson, was born in Denmark and settled in Bradenham, County of Norfolk, England. He took the name of his birthplace as a patronymic, and was naturalized as Andrew Ogard alias Ogart in 1433. He was chamberlain to the Duke of Bedford in 1435 and in 1451 was styled as Sir Andrew Hugard in Pasten Letters Volume 1, page 224. He died 13 October 1454 and is buried in Wymondham Abby Church. Sir Andrew Ogard, O, married first Margaret de Clifton, daughter and co-heiress of Sir John de Clifton, Knight of Buckenham Castle who died in 1447. Margaret de Clifton died childless before her father.

NOTE: John de Cailli built a manor in Bradenham in 1207 and was a forebearer of Margaret de Clifton, first wife of Sir Andrew Ogard.

Sir Andrew Ogard, O, married secondly Alice ?, who died in 1460 and was buried at Wymondham. They had two children:

1. Henry Ogard, O1, born 1450. (see I).

2. Anne Ogard, born ca. 1452, died in 1519, married 30 October 1470, Sir Ralph Arundel, Knight, Inq., married secondly Robert Crane, Esquire, of Chilton, Suffolk County.

Alice ?, widow of Sir Andrew Ogard; married secondly Sir Hugh Cokesey.

Henry Ogard, O1, son of Sir Andrew and Alice (?) Ogard, was born in 1450, will dated 1509, probated 1511, Hagbecke, Emneth, married ca. 1472, Eleanor ? and had a son:

1. Andrew Ogard, O11, Esq., born 1486, died 8 March 1526, Hagbecke, Emneth; Rye, Newgate, married ca 1508, Philippa Paston, daughter of Sir John Paston of Rye, Hertford; Essex, Norfolk and Cambridge. They had six children:

1. Anne Ogard, born 1511.

2. Brigitt Ogard, born 1514.

3. George Ogard, born 1515, of Hertford, Essex, Norfolk and Cambridge.

4. Henry Ogard, born ca. 1517, of Owlton and Sullyheed, Warwick County.

5. William Ogard, O115, born 1519, of Owlton and Sullyheed, Warwick County, married ca. 1549, Walsoken, England, Winifred Repps, born 1529, died 9 February 1576, daughter of John Repps of West Walton. They had a son:

1. Andrew Ogard, O1151, born 1550, Walsoken, England.

6. Alice Ogard, born 1521.

Winifred (Repps) Ogard married secondly Thomas Hewar, who died 15 May 1579.

Andrew Ogard, O1151, son of William and Winifred (Repps) Ogard, was born 1550, Walsoken, England, married 5 September 1581, Elizabeth Hunstone who was buried 21 May 1623. They had five children:

1. Andrew Ogard, O11511, born ca. 1583, married 1611, Elizabeth Smith.

2. John Ogard, baptised 16 October 1597, died 6 November 1597.

3. Joseph Ogard, buried 27 November 1597.

4. Lydia Ogard, buried 2 August 1606.

5. Emma Ogard, buried 23 September 1609.

Andrew Ogard, O11511, son of Andrew and Elizabeth (Hunstone) Ogard, was born ca. 1583, married 31 October 1611, Elizabeth Smith who died 28 September 1680, Walsoken, England. They had four children:

1. Elizabeth Ogard, baptised 16 August 1614.

2. Thomas Ogard, O115112, baptised 12 December 1620, Walsoken, England.

3. Henry Ogard, baptised 30 January 1622, Walsoken, England, died 27 August 1677.

4. John Ogard, born ca. 1624, Walsoken, England, died 28 July 1677.

Thomas Ogard, O115112, son of Andrew and Elizabeth (Smith) Ogard, was baptised 12 December 1620, Walsoken, England, married ca. 1642, Margaret ?, who died 1 March 1708. They had five children:

1. Margaret Ogard, born ca. 1643, Walsoken, England.

2. Thomas Ogard, O1151122, born ca. 1645, died 18 October 1680.

3. John Ogard, born ca. 1647, Walsoken, England, died 7 April 1683.

4. Mary Ogard, born ca. 1649, Walsoken, England, died 22 March 1684.

5. Elizabeth Ogard, born ca. 1651, Walsoken, England, died 7 September 1696.

Thomas Ogard, O1151122, son of Thomas and Margaret (?) Ogard, was born ca. 1645, Walsoken, England, died 18 October 1680, married Elizabeth ?, who died 26 September 1680. They had six children:

1. Elizabeth Ogard, baptised 25 April 1666, Royston, Hertz, England.

2. Anne Ogard, born 1669, died 13 June 1669, Royston, Hertz, England.

3. Joseph Ogard, baptised 22 June 1667, Royston, Hertz, England.

4. John Ogard (twin), baptised 11 August 1671, died 27 July 1674.

5. Benjamin Ogard (twin), baptised 11 August 1671, Royston, Hertz, England.

6. Margaret Ogard, baptised 29 November 1681, Royston, Hertz, England.

The Ogard line disappeared about 1702 for lack of a male heir.

While the Ogards and Haggards lived in the same area for over 250 years there is no known connection between the families other than a plate found in the possession of John Haggard (see 111) with the Ogard family crest, "Azure. a mullet of six points argent, through which the Haggards of Bradenham Hall claim descent from Sir Andrew Ogard, Knight of Bradenham Castle, County Norfolk, who settled in England and was naturalized by King Henry VI in 1433. He was a scion of a most distinguished family in Denmark, where the name is still to be found (1899). However that may be, the pedigree of the Haggards can be traced back to the fifteenth century about which time we find:

David Haggard, 1, of Ware, Hertz, who was assessed 10 pounds sterling for lands there (Subsidy Rolls 14 and 15), Henry VIII (1522-23). His will was proven in 1534 (Comm Essex and Hertz) and left a son:

1. John Haggard, 11, born ca. 1508, of Ware, County Hertz, (living 33, Henry VIII, 1541) married ca. 1533 and had a son:

1. John Haggard, 111, (a freeholder in Ware, County Hertz, 1561).


John Haggard, 111, (a freeholder in Ware, County Hertz, 1561) son of John Haggard, 11, of Ware, County Hertz, was born ca. 1526, will proven 10 March 1585, married ca. 1548, Elizabeth ?. At his death in 1584 he left his wife and six children:

1. Agnes Haggard, of Ware, County Hertz, England, was born ca. 1549, married 30 January 1569, Oliver Cross, of ware, County Hertz.

2. Edward Haggard, 1112, of Ware, County Hertz, England, was born ca. 1555.*

3. Mabel Haggard, of Ware, County Hertz, England, was born ca. 1557.

4. Helen Haggard, of Ware, County Hertz, England, was born ca. 1559, married 27 May 1583, Oliver Harvey, of Ware, County Hertz, buried 9 November 1626.

5. Thomas Haggard, 1115, of Ware, County Hertz, was baptised 8 June 1565.

6. John Haggard of Ware, County Hertz, England, was born ca. 1567, church warden for many years, will dated 8 July 1617, buried 21 August 1617.

Edward Haggard, 1112, of Ware, County Hertz, England, son of John and Elizabeth (?) Haggard, was born ca. 1555, married 2 June 1577, Mercy Browne, and had eight children:

1. John Haggard, baptised 12 July 1579, Ware, County Hertz, England.

2. Sybil Haggard, baptised 12 Feb. 1580, Ware, Hertz, England, buried 17 July 1604, single.

3. Edward Haggard, baptised 26 May 1583, buried 11 May 1653, single.

4. Elizabeth Haggard, baptised 12 December 1585, Ware, Hertz, England, living 8 July 1617.

5. Mary Haggard, baptised 13 October 1588, buried 11 April 1606.

6. Susan Haggard, baptised 11 July 1591, living 1 June 1627, married 16 June 1622, Richard Pickering, of Ware, County Hertz, England.

7. Thomas Haggard, baptised 17 February 1593, Ware, County Hertz, died single, 14 June 1627, will dated 1 June 1627, probated 2 October 1627.

8. Richard Haggard, baptised 12 October 1595, Ware, County Hertz, England.

Thomas Haggard, 1115, of Ware, County Hertz, England, son of John and Elizabeth (?) Haggard, was baptised 8 June 1565, died 22 July 1655, aged 90 years, married 1603, Katherine ?, buried 5 February 1630, Ware, County Hertz. They had five children:

1. Thomas Haggard, of Ware, County Hertz, baptised 27 May 1604, died single, buried 18 January 1663, will dated 15 January 1663, probated 15 April 1664.

2. John Haggard, of Ware, Hertz, baptised 9 March 1606, buried 14 March 1606.

3. Elizabeth Haggard, of Ware, County Hertz, baptised 22 May 1608, living 15 January 1663, married 24 November 1630, Charles North, of Ware, County Hertz. They had a son:

1. Charles North, born ca. 1631, Ware, County Hertz.

4. Mary Haggard, of Ware, County Hertz, baptised 30 September 1610, buried 3 June 1661.

5. John Haggard, 11155, of Ware, County Hertz, England, was baptised 14 February 1613.


John Haggard, 11155, of Ware, County Hertz, son of Thomas and Katherine (?) Haggard, was baptised 14 February 1613, buried 9 June 1680, married first 18 October 1637, Susan Browne, buried 4 January 1641. They had two children:

1. Thomas Haggard, 111551, baptised 16 September 1638, Ware, County Hertz.

2. Susan Haggard, baptised 6 September 1640, buried 19 December 1640, Ware, County Hertz.

John Haggard, 11155, married secondly 1667, Anna Butcher, and had six daughters and a son, all died in infancy:

3. Ann Haggard, born 2 June 1647, baptised 28 October 1668, Ware, Hertz.

4. Margaret Haggard, born 29 September 1660, baptised 28 October 1668.

5. Sarah Haggard, born 4 September 1652, baptised 28 October 1668.

6. Elizabeth Haggard, born 9 March 1654, Ware, County Hertz.

7. Katherine Haggard, born 8 August 1656, baptised 28 October 1668.

8. Elizabeth Haggard II, born 7 March 1658, baptised 28 October 1668.

9. John Haggard, born 19 August 1668, baptised 28 October 1668.

Thomas Haggard, 111551, son of John and Susan (Browne) Haggard of Ware and Royston, County, Hertz, was baptised 16 September 1638, Ware, County Hertz, buried 11 February 1685, married 1659, Elizabeth Ainger, daughter of Joseph Ainger of Ware. She was buried 18 April 1697. They had thirteen children:

1. Thomas Haggard, baptised 19 February 1660, buried 27 February 1661.

2. Thomas Haggard II, living 15 January 1663, Royston, County Hertz.

3. John Haggard, buried 1664, Royston, County Hertz.

4. Elizabeth Haggard, baptised 1666, Royston, County Hertz, buried 4 October 1685 at Ware, County Hertz, married 10 December 1684, Thomas Hulls, of Ware.

5. Joseph Haggard, baptised 1667, at Royston, County Hertz, living 28 April 1708.

6. Anne Haggard, buried 1669, at Royston, County Hertz.

7. John Haggard II, 1115517, born 1669, at Royston, County Hertz.

8. Benjamin Haggard, baptised 1671 at Royston, County Hertz.

9. Susanna Haggard, baptised 23 July 1678, at Ware, County Hertz, living 28 April 1708.

10. Judith Haggard, born ca. 1679, at Ware, County Hertz, living single 28 April 1708.

11. Sarah Haggard, baptised 10 April 1680, Ware, County Hertz, buried 22 May 1684.

12. Edward Haggard, baptised 4 May 1681, Ware, County Hertz, living 28 April 1708.

13. Lucy Haggard, baptised 7 February 1682, Ware, County Hertz, buried 3 August 1683.

John Haggard, II, 1115517, son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Ainger) Haggard, of St. James, Clerkenwell, London, and Browley, St. Leonards, Middlesex, and later of Chesterford, Essex, Department Lieutenant Tower Hamlets, 1740, was born 1669, at Royston, County Hertz, England, and was baptised in 1671, married first 29 March 1693, Elizabeth Stratton, born ca. 1675, daughter of Mark Stratton of St. Botolph, Aldergate, and had five children:

1. Edward Haggard, 11155171, of Bromley, St. Leonards, was born 1694,

2. William Haggard of St. James, Clerkenwell, born 1696, died 5 June 1730.

3. George Haggard, St. James, Clerkenwell, born ca. 1697, living 6 June 1730.

4. John Haggard, 11155174, of Bromley, St. Leonards, was born in 1698.

5. Mark Haggard, 11155175, of St. Mary's, Stratford, LeBow, was born ca. 1700.

John Haggard II, 1115517, of St. James, Clerkenwell, London, married secondly on 10 March 1716, Bridget Edge of St. Faiths, London, widow of Samuel Fellows.

Edward Haggard, 11155171, of Bromley, St. Leonards, son of John, II, and Elizabeth (Stratton) Haggard, was born 1694, died 15 August 1733, married ca. 1714, Ruth ?, will dated 9 May 1745, probated 25 July 1746. They had two children:

1. Edward Haggard, born ca. 1715, living 9 May 1745.

2. Sarah Haggard, born ca. 1717, living 25 July 1746, married ca. 1737, John Vaux.

John Haggard, 11155174, of Bromley, St. Leonards, and Old Ford House, County Middlesex, son of John and Elizabeth (Stratton) Haggard, was born in 1698, died 5 February 1776, buried at Bennington, County Hertz, will dated 14 December 1770, married first 1722, Mary Warner who was buried at Bromley, St. Leonards in 1732, and had two sons:

1. John Haggard, Reverend, Master of Arts, rector of St. Bennington, was born in 1723, died 5 February 1813, age 90 years, married Mary Lee, sister of his father's second wife. She died 26 November 1778, age 53.

2. William Henry Haggard, Esq., 111551742, born ca. 1729.

John Haggard, 11155174, of Bromley, St. Leonards, married secondly Elizabeth Lee who died 31 January 1794, age 83, buried at Bennington, Hertz, will dated January 1781, proven 1794.

William Henry Haggard, Esq., 111551742, of Norwich, son of John and Mary (Warner) Haggard, was born ca. 1729, died 30 March 1813, aged 84, buried at St. John's Maddermarket, married 1756, Susan Rebecca Barham, born ca. 1736, died 1804, aged 67, daughter of James Barham of St. John's Maddermarket, Norwich. They had one son:

1. William Henry Haggard, Jr., 1115517421, born 4 December 1757.

William Henry Haggard, Jr., 1115517421, son of William Henry and Susan Rebecca (Barham) Haggard, of Knobsworth Place, Hertz, Park Street, Westminster, who acquired Bradenham Hall, Thetford, County Norfolk, Bachelor of Arts, Emanuel College, Cambridge; Barrister at Law, was born 4 December 1757, died 13 February 1837, aged 79 years, buried at St. Savior's, Walcot, Bath; married 16 July 1781, at Thunderidge, Hertz, Frances Amyand, born ca. 1760, died 21 July 1820, aged 60, only daughter of the Reverend Thomas Amyand, Rector of Hambledon, County Banks, and Fawley, County Oxford, and Frances (Rider) Amyand. Frances Rider was sole heiress of Thomas Rider of Twickenham. Frances Rider became heiress to her brother Thomas Amyand, Esq., of Twickenham, to whose property her son William eventually succeeded. Her grandfather Claudius Amyand, Sergeant Surgeon to King George II, was the elder brother of Sir George Amyand now (1899) Baronet whose son assumed the name Cornwall and was represented by Reverend Sir George Henry Cornwall, Baronet. They had eleven children:

1. William Haggard, Esq., 11155174211, of Bradenham Hall, County Norfolk.

2. George Haggard, born 1785, died 12 May 1795.

3. Thomas Haggard, born 7 July 1790, at Bradford House, baptised 1790 at Cottered, County Hertz, died 26 December 1858, married Maria Tickell, died 1862, daughter of William Tickell of Bath.

4. John Haggard, 11155174214, born 1794, died 31 October 1856.*

5. George Haggard, fifth son of William Henry Jr. and Frances (Amyand) Haggard, was born 2 October 1880, died single 15 June 1817 at St. Petersburg, Russia.

6. Frances Haggard, born 30 May 1782, died 5 December 1866, married 16 December 1806, John Adolphus Young, Esq., Solicitor of Hare Hatch Burks.

7. Lucinda Haggard, born 2 January 1789, died 28 August 1881, married 31 October 1808, Robert Mapletoft, Esq., of Spring Hill, Suffolk, died October 1856.

8. Maria Haggard, born/died 1792.

9. Charlotte Haggard, born ca. 1798, died single 29 November 1813, buried St. Michael's Church, St. Albans.

10. Barbara Haggard, born ca. 1800, died single 2 June 1811, buried St. Michael's Church, St. Albans.

11. Caroline Haggard, born ca. 1802, died single 17 April 1864, aged 72, buried at Ewyas Harold, Herfordshire.

NOTE: There was no house of any size in West Bradenham until Bradenham Hall was built by James Smyth (Smith) in 1766 and it is pretty safe to say no Haggards lived there until about 1818 when Thomas Smith sold the property to William Henry Haggard, Jr., born in 1757. Any connection between James Smith who built Bradenham Hall and Elizabeth Smith, born 28 September 1680, Walsoken, England, who married Andrew Ogard, great-grandson of Sir Andrew Ogard is unknown.

William Haggard, Esq., 11155174211, of Bradenham Hall, County Norfolk, son of William Henry Jr. and Frances (Amyand) Haggard, Justice of the Peace, Deputy Lieutenant, was born 26 September 1783, Bradfield House, Cottered, Hertz, died 30 March 1843, Brighton, aged 60, married 28 May 1816, St. Petersburg, Russia, Elizabeth Meybohm, eldest daughter and co-heiress of James Meybohn, Esq., of St. Petersburg, Russia. She died 1 November 1848, aged 64, at Swaffham. They had four children:

1. William Meybohn Rider Haggard, Esq., 111551742111, born 19 April 1817.

2. James John Haggard, born April 1818, died June 1819.

3. Frances Haggard, born 6 May 1821, died 25 December 1881, Brinsop, Hereford, married at St. George's, Hanover Square, 7 September 1842, Reverend William Cecil Fowle, Vicar of Brinsop, Hereford.

4. James Haggard II, Justice of the Peace, born 29 August 1824.

John Haggard, 11155174214, son of William Henry Jr. and Frances (Amyand) Haggard, Doctor of Laws, Doctor Commons, Chancellor of Lincoln, Winchester and Manchester, was born 1794, died 31 October 1856, aged 63, buried at Brighton, married 20 July 1820, Caroline Hodgson, born 1 May 1979, daughter of Mark Hodgson of Bromley. They had eight children:

1. Henry Vachell Haggard, Commander Royal Navy, born 1822, died 1 March 1858, aged 35.

2. John Haggard, Fellow of the Honorable East India Company, born 1824, died in India, 1848, aged 25.

3. Mark Haggard, Reverend, Master of Arts, born 1825, died at sea 10 April 1854, on voyage home from Madeira, age 29.

4. Thomas Trenchard Haggard, 111551742144, Colonel Royal Artillery, born 1827.

5. Christopher Haggard, Reverend, was born 1829, married first 1859, Mary Helen Townsend, daughter of Reverend R. L. Townsend, Vicar of Waudsworth. She died 1875. Christopher married secondly 1877, Emily Sarah Browne, daughter of E. Browne, Esq., of East Hill, Waudsworth.

6. George Haggard, Major Royal Army, born 1832, married 1864, Marian Dean, who died 4 May 1867, daughter of Right Honorable Sir James Parker Dean, Knight, Privy Councilor Queens Council, doctor of Civil Law.

7. Edward Haggard, Barrister at Law, born 1836.

8. Mary Catherine Haggard, born ca. 1838, married ca. 1860, Maurice Charles Morttius Swabey, Doctor of Civil Law, who died 1 November 1883.

9. Elizabeth Haggard, born ca. 1840, married ca. 1862, Reverend William Dalton Sevous.

Thomas Trenchard Haggard, 111551742144, Colonel Royal Artillery, son of John and Caroline (Hodgson) Haggard, was born 1827, died 23 July 1877, married 1852, Emily Frances Ewing Bosworth, daughter of J. H. Bosworth, Esq., of Westerham. They had seven children:

1. John Haggard, Lieutenant, Royal Artillery, born 10 October 1862, died June 1891.

2. Henry Haggard, Captain East Yorkshire Regiment, born 25 July 1864.

3. Emily Caroline Haggard, born ca. 1866, married ca. 1888, Lionel Robert Ashburner, Esq., Companion Star of India, late member Council, Bombay.

4. Alice Sophia Haggard, born ca. 1868, married Bazil Lang, Esq., Bachelor of Laws.

5. Mary Haggard, born ca. 1870, married John Pollen, Esq., Bombay Court of Sessions.

6. Amy Haggard, born ca. 1872.

7. Mina Haggard, born ca. 1874.

William Meybohm Rider Haggard, Esq., 11155174211, son of William and Elizabeth (Meybohm) Haggard, of Bradenham Hall, County Norfolk, Bachelor of Laws, Barrister at Law, Justice of the Peace, Deputy Lieutenant, Chairman Norfolk Quarter Sessions, was born 19 April 1817, died 21 April 1893, married 30 May 1844, Ella Doveton, died 1889, eldest daughter and co-heiress of Bazett Doveton, Esq., E.G., C.S., only son of John Doveton, Esq., of St. Helena. They had ten children:

1. William Henry Doveton Haggard, 111551742111, born 25 June 1846.*

2. Bazett Michael Haggard, 111551742112, born 24 September 1847.*

3. Ella Doveton Haggard, 111551742113, born ca. 1848.*

4. Alfred Hinuber Haggard, 111551742114, born 17 April 1849.*

5. John George Haggard, 111551742115, born 11 June 1850.*

6. Andrew Charles Parker Haggard, 111551742116, born 7 February 1854.*

7. Sir Henry Rider Haggard, 111551742117, born 22 June 1856.*

8. Elizabeth Cecelia Haggard, 111551742118, born ca. 1858.*

9. Edward Arthur Haggard, 111551742119, born 5 November 1860.*

10. Eleanora Mary Haggard, 11155174211a, born ca. 1866.


William Henry Doveton Haggard, 111551742111, of Bradenham Hall, County Norfolk, son of William Meybohm Rider and Ella (Doveton) Haggard Justice of the Peace, Secretary in Her Britannic Majesty's Diplomatic Service at Athens 1887-1890, Her Britannic Majesty's Minister Plenopotantiary and Commander-General Republic of the Equator 1890-1899, was born 25 June 1846, married first 11 December 1875, Caroline Anna Carroll, third daughter of William Thomas Carroll of Washington, D.C., (divorced on his petition 7 November 1882, no children). Married secondly 15 January 1887, Emily Margaret Hancox, daughter of Joseph Hancox. They had three children:

1. William Rudolph Rivers Doveton Haggard, born 26 July 1888.

2. Ella Margaret Mary Haggard, born 10 April 1890.

3. Sybil Maud Haggard, born 21 February 1892.

Bazett Michael Haggard, 111551742112, of Kirby Hall, County Norfolk, son of William Meybohm Rider and Ella (Doveton) Haggard, Barrister at Law Bachelor of Arts, Trinity Hall, Cambridge; Her Majesty's Commissioner to the Island of Samoa, was born 24 September 1847, married 16 December 1872, Julia Diana Barker, eldest daughter of George Barker, Esq., of Holt Lodge and Caston, County Norfolk. They had four children:

1. George William Bazett Haggard, born 10 October 1873.

2. Thomas Barker Amyand Haggard, born 6 December 1874.

3. Mark Haggard, born 20 January 1876.

4. Richard Colby Haggard, born 6 June 1877.

Ella Doveton Haggard, 111551742113, daughter of William Meybohm Rider and Ella (Doveton) Haggard of Bradenham Hall, County Norfolk, was born ca. 1848, married 20 July 1869, Reverend Prebendary Charles Edward Maddison Green, Rector of Ledbury, County Hereford. They had three children:

1. Charles Arthur Maddison Green, born 17 June 1877.

2. Edward Roland Maddison Green, born 5 March 1878.

3. Ella Frances Maddison Green, born 11 February 1879.

Alfred Hinuber Haggard, 111551742114, son of William Meybohm Rider and Ella (Doveton) Haggard of Bradenham Hall, County Norfolk, formerly Bengal Court of Sessions, was born 17 April 1849, married 11 December 1873, Alice Geraldine Schalch, daughter of Vernon Hugh Schalch, Esq., Companion Star of India, Member Council, Calcutta, Barrister at Law. They had five children:

1. Vernon Harry Stewart Haggard, born 28 October 1874.

2. Alfred Gerald Ausdell Haggard, born 24 April 1877.

3. Beatrice Amy Haggard, born March 1879.

4. Godfray Digby Napier Haggard, born 6 February 1884.

5. Daniel Amyand Haggard, born 12 March 1886.


John George Haggard, 111551742115, son of William Meybohm Rider and Ella (Doveton) Haggard of Bradenham Hall, County Norfolk, Royal Navy, now Her Britannic Majesty's Council at Trieste, was born 11 June 1850, married 28 January 1886, Agnes Marion Barber, daughter of Fairless Barber, Fellow of the Society of Arts and Antiquities, Fellow of the Horticultural Society of Rastrick, Yorkshire. They had three children:

1. Phebe Haggard, born 12 December 1886.

2. Joan Haggard, born 15 April 1889.

3. Andrew Haggard, born 29 May 1892.

Andrew Charles Parker Haggard, 111551742114, son of William Meybohm Rider and Ella (Doveton) Haggard of Bradenham Hall, County Norfolk, Distinguished Service Order, late Lieutenant-Colonel, Commander Egyptian Battalion, formerly Captain King's own Scottish Borders, was born 7 February 1854, married 3 May 1883, Emily Osabella Chirnside, daughter of Peter Chirnside of Newham County, Northumberland.

Sir Henry Rider Haggard, 111551742117, of Ditchingham House, Cotterfolk, Justice of the Peace, Norfolk and Suffolk, Barrister at Law, formerly in Her Majesty's Colonial Service and on the staff of Sir Thomas Shepstone during his mission to the Transvaal, son of William Meybohm Rider and Ella (Doveton) Haggard of Bradenham Hall, County Norfolk, was born born 22 June 1856, died 14 May 1925, London, England, married 11 August 1880, Marianna Louisa Margiston, died September 1943, County Norfolk, England, daughter and heiress of John Margiston, Justice of the Peace of Ditchingham House, County Norfolk, Major of the 19th Regiment. They had four children:

1. Arthur John Haggard, born 23 May 1881, died 1 February 1891.

2. Agnes Angela Rider Haggard, born January 1883.

3. Sybil Dorothy Rider Haggard, born 25 March 1892, died single.

4. Litias Margiston Rider Haggard, born 9 December 1892, died 10 January 1968, Ditchingham House, County Norfolk, England. She was awarded the MBE for her service as a nursing auxiliary in World War I, and was a member of the Norfolk County Council from 1949 to 1952 and in 1953 was elected president of the Norfolk Rural Craftsman's Guild. Her biography of her father "The Cloke that I Left" was published in 1951. Her other books included: "Norfolk Life", "A Norfolk Notebook", "A Country Scrapbook, and she edited "I Walk by Night" and "The Rabbit Skin Cap".

In 1879 Sir Henry Rider Haggard retired from the Colonial Service and returned to England where he was called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn in 1885. He was a very prolific writer and for the next forty years averaged over a book a year. Among them were:

Palimentary Blue-Book

36. Parliamentary Blue-Book, "A Report to His Majesty's government on the Salvation Army Colonies of the United States, with the Scheme of the National Land Settlement . ca. 1904

Political History

1. Cetwayo and His White Neighbors; or Remarks on Recent Events in Zululand, Natal, and the Transvaal ca. 1882


Works on Sociology, Agriculture, and Country Life

30. Agriculture and Country Life; Rural England (2 volumes) ca. 1903

31. The Poor and the Land . . . . ca. 1903 47. Regeneration ca. 1914

32. The Farmer's Year . . . . . . ca. 1903 48. A Gardner's Year ca. 1915

49. Rural Denmark and Its Lessons ca. 1916

Book of Travel

39. A Winter Pilgrimage before 1908


2. Dawn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1884 11. Beatrice ca. 1889

3. The Witch's Head . . . . . . . . . 1884 13. Joan Haste ca. 1890

6. Jess . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1887 16. Dr. Thorne ca. 1891

10. Colonel Quaritch, V.C. . . . . . . 1888 19. The Way of the Spirit 1893

33. Stella Fregelius* . . . . . . . . . 1903


4. King Solomon's Mines . . . . . . . 1885 37. The Mahatma and the Hare ca. 1905

5. She* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1886 38. Fair Margaret* 1907

7. Allan Quartermain . . . . . . . . . 1887 40. The Yellow God* 1909

8. Maiwa's Revenge; or the Way of 41. Queen Sheba's Ring* 1909

the Little Hand . . . . . . . . . . . 1888 42. The Spirit of Bombatse (Benita)*ca. 1911

9. Mr. Meeson's Will. . . . . . . . . 1888 43. Red Eve 1912

12. Lisbeth . . . . . . . . . . . . ca. 1889 44. The Ghost of Kings ca. 1913

18. Nada the Lily . . . . . . . . . ca. 1892 46. The Wanderer's Necklace* 1914

20. Montezuma's Daughter* . . . . . . 1893 50. Allan and the Holy Flower* 1915

21. The People of the Mist . . . . ca. 1893 51. She and Allan ca. 1915

22. The World's Desire . . . . . . ca. 1894 52. Child of the Storm ca. 1916

23. Heart of the World . . . . . . ca. 1895 53. Finished* 1917

24. The Wizard* . . . . . . . . . . . . 1896 54. Heu Heu; or the Monster ca. 1917

25. Eric Brighteyes* . . . . . . . . . . 1899 55. The Ivory Child* 1918

26. Elissa; or The Doom of 56. Love Eternal* 1918

Zimbabwe . . . . . . . . . . . ca. 1900 57. Moon of Israel* 1918

27. Marie . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ca. 1901 58. Wisdom's Daughter ca. 1919

28. Swallow . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1902 59. The Ancient Allan* 1920

29. Pearl Maiden* . . . . . . . . . . . . 1903 60. When the World Shook ca. 1921

34. Ayshea; the Return of She* . . . . 1904 61. The Virgin of the Sun* 1922

35. The Brethren* . . . . . . . . . . . . 1904 62. Black Heart and White Heart* 1924

Elizabeth Cecelia Haggard, 111551742118, daughter of William Meybohm Rider and Ella (Doveton) Haggard of Bradenham Hall, County Norfolk, was born ca. 1858, married 6 August 1876, Maximillian R. Western, of London. They had four children:

1. Ella Frances Western, born 11 May 1877.

2. Gertrude Elizabeth Western, born 25 May 1878.

3. Caroline Cecelia Western, born 22 September 1879, died 18 October 1888.

4. Clara Mabel Western, born 16 November 1880.

Edward Arthur Haggard, 111551742119, son of William Meybohm Rider and Ella (Doveton) Haggard of Bradenham Hall, County Norfolk, Captain 3rd Battallion Bedfordshire Regiment, late Shropshire Light Infantry, Bachelor of Arts Pembroke College, Cambridge, was born 5 November 1860, married 27 July 1887, Emily Calvert, daughter of Edward Calvert of Walton C. Dale, County Lancaster. They had two children:

1. Geoffrey Arthur Gordon Haggard, born 4 May 1888.

2. Rider Lancelot Haggard, born 2 January 1893.

Eleanora Mary Haggard, 11155174211a, daughter of William Meybohm Rider and Ella (Doveton) Haggard of Bradenham Hall, County Norfolk, was born ca. 1866, married 17 November 1886, His Excellency Baron Albert D'Auethare, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenopotentiary to His Majesty the King of Belgians, Knight of the Order of Leopold, Knight Grand Cross of Isabella La Catleolique.

James Haggard, II, 11155174214, Justice of the peace, son of William and Elizabeth (Meybohm) Haggard, son of William and Elizabeth (Meybohm) Haggard, of Bradenham Hall, County Norfolk, was born 29 August 1824, Bradenham Hall, County Norfolk, married 4 May 1848, St. Mary's, Bryanstone Square, Caroline Doveton, born 2 March 1827, Bombay, India, youngest daughter and co-heiress of Bozett Doveton, Esq. They had six children:

1. Amyand Haggard, 111551742141, Lieutenant Royal Navy, born 22 June 1849.*

2. Frank Haggard, born 1850, died 1851.

3. Charles Haggard, 111551742143, Major Royal Irish Rifles, born 26 July 1852.*

4. Claude Mason Haggard, 111551742144, Major Royal Army, born 5 November 1853.*

5. Hugh Alfred Haggard, Reverend, Master of Arts, born 21 March 1855.

6. Ellen Maria Haggard, born ca. 1857.

Amyand Haggard, 111551742141, Lieutenant Royal Navy, son of James, II, and Caroline (Doveton) Haggard, was born 22 June 1849, married 1884, Edith Maria Venning, daughter of James Meybohm Venning. They had two children:

1. Amyand James Rider Haggard, born 12 August 1889, married ca. 1917, Ellen Louise Croome Brookman, born ca. 1891. They had three children:

1. Humphrey James Edgecomb Haggard, born ca. 1919.

2. Amyand Richard Haggard, born 26 January 1921.

3. Edith Alison Haggard, born 1923, married ca. 1943, Mr. Stanbury.

2. Ralph Charles Meybohm Haggard, born 13 August 1892, died 15 August 1892.

Charles Haggard, 111551742143, Major Royal Irish Rifles, son of James, II, and Caroline (Doveton) Haggard, was born 26 July 1852, married 1 June 1882, Geraldine Lucy Isabella Smyth, daughter of Sir Edward Selby Smyth by Lucy Sophia Julia Campbell, daughter of Sir Guy Campbell, Baronet, and Pamela Fitz Gerald, daughter of Lord Edward Fitz Gerald son of the Duke of Leinster. They had five children:

1. Sybilla Lucy Haggard, born 29 November 1883, died in infancy.

2. Christopher Amyand Haggard, born 21 September 1885.

3. Pamela Patricia Haggard, born 18 April 1887.

4. May Geraldine Haggard, born 22 June 1889.

5. Georgia Dulce Haggard, born 9 April 1892.

Claude Mason Haggard, 111551742144, Major Royal Army, son of James II and Caroline (Doveton) Haggard, was born 5 November 1853, married 1890, Maude Hamilton Low, daughter of George Hamilton Low, Royal Canadian Rifles. They had a daughter:

1. Olive Phyllis Haggard, born 11 December 1890.

Mark Haggard, 11155175, of St. Mary's, Stratford LeBow, son of John and Elizabeth (Stratton) Haggard, was born ca. 1700, will dated 5 October 1763, proven 6 February 1665, married Mary Debonnaire, born ca. 1726, daughter of Peter Debonnaire of Bromley, St. Leonards, who died 29 March 1809, buried at Lee. They had four children:

1. John Haggard, born ca. 1743, under 21 on 5 October 1763.

2. Mark Haggard, Jr., 111551752, of Stoke Newington, born ca. 1745.

3. Mary Haggard, born ca. 1747, under 21 on 5 October 1763, married Henry Hale.

4. Hannah Haggard, born ca. 1749, under 21 on 5 October 1763, died 21 March 1820, buried at Lee.

Mark Haggard, Jr., 111551752, of Stoke Newington, son of Mark and Mary (Debonnaire) Haggard, was born ca. 1745 (under 21 on 5 October 1763), died 6 August 1839, married ca. 1786, Susannah Jones, and had five children:

1. John Haggard, twin born 11 May 1783.

2. Mark Haggard, twin born 11 May 1783, died 25 March 1809.

3. Samuel Haggard, born ca. 1785, died 23 January 1818, at Lee.

4. William Debonnaire Haggard, 1115517524, born 1787.*

5. Susannah Rachel Haggard, born ca. 1789, married Sanderson, of London.

William Debonnaire Haggard, 1115517524, son of Mark and Susannah (Jones) Haggard, Fellow of the Society of Arts or Antiquities, director of the Bank of England, was born 1787, married three times, first Mary Frances Clifton of Silk Willoughby, County Lincoln, born 1782, died 1818. They had three children (two daughters unidentified) and a son:

1. William Debonnaire Haggard, Jr.

William Debonnaire Haggard, 1115517524, married secondly Jane Conner of Barnstable who died 5 April 1824. They had two sons:

2. Mark Haggard

3. Frederick Thomas Haggard.

William Debonnaire Haggard, 1115517524, married thirdly Elizabeth Nodes Le Cren, daughter of Louis Henry Le Cren of Greenwich.


Peter Hogard, son of John Hogard, was christened 25 January 1619, Foston by Malton, Yorkshire, England.

Peter Hogard, son of Hy. Hogard, christened 14 December 1600, Filey, Yorkshire, England.

Apparently one of the above migrated to Virginia Colony in 1654.



1625 William Hagar, born in London, England 1625; was at Watertown, Massachusetts in 1645 where he died in 1684.

1635 Robert Haggar, born ca. 1602, departed from London, England in the ship "Alice" at the age of 33 and arrived in Virginia in 1635.

1635 "Virginia Colonial Abstracts" by Beverly Fleet, Vol. 1, Page 50--Accomack County Records 1632-1637: 1635 Servants researved out of England by the ship "James and Revenge" viz. Jno. Haggard.

NOTE: If Jno. Haggard was of age in 1635, he would have been born ca. 1614 or before in England.

1654 September 10 Peter Hogard departed from London, England, to Westmoreland County, Virginia. Sponsored by Francis Smith, ingeenr, and Mr. John Smith of Stanley Hundred, 3000 acres Westmoreland County, VA, betwixt lands of Nicholas Lambsen and Capt. Thomas Davis and John Williams and Steven Norman, et al, for transportation of 60 persons: Henry Groany, Peter Hogard, John Giles, Francis Smith, et als.

1678 James Haggard, (identified in the book by David Dawson Haggard) "The traditions of our fathers are that one James Haggard, born ca. 1678, Bradenham Hall, England, son of a wealthy aristocratic Lord of England, was educated for the ministry. He joined the English Army as a private against his father's wishes. Lord Haggard felt that the family's social status would warrant a commission) so Lord Haggard paid handsomly to have young James Haggard smuggled out of England aboard a merchant vessel bound for Norfolk, VA. The unscruplous captain knowing Lord Haggard would never admit to such a scheme threw young James Haggard in with other indentured servants and sold a contract for his services to a wealthy planter, thus collecting for James' passage twice. Young James Haggard landed in Norfolk, VA, ca. 1698 (prior to his 21st birthday).

The wealthy planter finding young James Haggard well educated put him to teaching school. There was connected with this school a young woman whose charms so impressed him that they eloped to North Carolina and were married since it was illegal for a bonded servant to marry in Virginia. They had a large family including: Nathaniel, Edmund, Zechariah, and Gray or Granville.

NOTE: David Dawson Haggard was in contact with the English author H. Rider Haggard, who was in his prime about 1890, and was writing almost two books a year. H. Rider Haggard had a style of collecting known facts and weaving a story around them so his readers never knew fact from fiction. Bradenham Hall, home of H. Rider Haggard, wasn't built until about 1725, over 50 years after young James Haggard was born, and wasn't purchased by the Haggards until about 1850. As of 1993 there is no known connection between the English and American Haggards.

1726 John Haggard of Boston, came from "Anopilus Royal" in 1726. He was warned out of Boston June 13, 1726. Taken from Boston Rec. Com., Vol 13, page 154.

Thomas Haggard, a Commissary Sergeant in 2nd Tennessee Cavalry has a grave marker in a cemetery at Andersonville, TN, where he was buried during or after the Civil War. The date on the grave has faded away.

Peter Hogard, H If Peter was of age when he was transported to America in 1654 he would have been born prior to 1633 in England. He died in 1680, and is believed to have had:

1. Anthony Hogard, H1.

2. Peter Hogard, H2.

3. Nathaniel Hogard, H3.

4. Samuel Hogard, H4.

Anthony Hogard, H1 To own a patent in 1667 Anthony would have been born prior to 1646 (before Peter Hogard left England), so he could be a brother. He was married and had at least four sons:

1. James Hogard, H11.

2. David Hogard, H12.

3. Philip Hoggett, H13.

4. Nathaniel Hoggard, H14. In 1722 Nathaniel Hoggard was selected to fill a vacancy in the House of Burgesses from Warwick County caused by the death of James Roscow.

1664 Stafford County, VA, formed from Westmoreland County, VA.

1667 December 31 Patent to Anthony Hoggard and Mr. Robert King, for 737 acres of land in Stafford County, VA, on the Machiotix River, for transportation of John Bennett, John Marshall, Robert Whitehead, et al.

Above patent to Hoggard and King was adjacent to patent to Berriman and Palmers in Westmoreland County, VA.

1667 October 9 List of Head Rights: Edmund Huggarte in a patent to Col. Edmond Scarburgh in Accomac County, Va.

1669 April 17 Patent to Major William Ball and Thomas Chetwood, 1600 acres in Rapahannock County, VA, for transporting of 32 persons: Joseph Foster, William Haggard, Edward Salter, et al.

1669 Also found as "possibles": Richard Habeart, Joseph Haberd, Richard Haggatt, William Habeard (1669 Stafford County).

1719 "Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants" 1694-1742. Compiled by Gertrude E. Gray. Book 5, Page 201 Grant 10 April 1719 to Thomas Butler, 200 acres Westmoreland adjoining Anthony Haggard.

1725 John Utley of Henrico County, VA, died leaving Anthony Hoggard as executor of his estate.

1726 John Haggard from "Anopilus Royal" warned out of Boston 13 June 1726. Taken from Boston Rec. Com., Vol. 13. p. 154.

1727/28 Goochland County, VA, formed from Henrico County, VA.

1731 Anthony Hoggard purchased 900 acres of land called "Tuckahoe" in Goochland County, VA, from the estate of John Utley.

1733 June 25 Anthony Hoggard was justice in Goochland County, VA.

Anthony Hoggard was surety for the marriage of Nannie Hoggard to Joseph Dabbs. They were married 11 July 1733.

1738 Anthony Hoggard was surety at the birth in 1729 and death in 1738 of Henry Wood in Goochland County, VA.

Anthony Hoggard filed leave to add 400 acres of land for the convenience of building a valuable mill to 600 acres surveyed for him and Joseph Dabbs on the Appamatlock River, Goochland County, VA, 19 December 1738.

1739 June 13 At Council, Goochland County, VA, Haggard vs. Dabbs. Surveyor of Goochland County to divide 6000 acres according to quality and quantity, Dabbs to have his choice.

1744 Albemarle County, VA, formed from parts of Louisa and Goochland Counties.

1744 October 5 Will of Anthony Hoggard dated in Albemarle County, VA, Will Book 12, Page 2, probated 14 March 1755, by Abraham Venable, Jr., William Dobbs, and William Neale, three of the witnesses. Other witnesses Richard Allwood and James Hunt, Jr. Executors: friend James Hunt, Charles Venable, and Nathaniel Hoggatt.


. . . being in a lo state of health but in rite mind and perfit memory . . . My will and desire is that all my just debts will be paid whereas I have sold a piece of land to Hugh Scott lying in Prince Edward County on both sides of Vaughns Creek near the Shaw Spring and bounded by a line from Stobals line to Harrisses and whenever said Scott shall pay the sum of money contained in a memorandum left in the hands of James Senter then the Executors shall make him a phanticke (permanent) deed.

Unto my son Nathaniel Hoggatt 1000 acres of land whereon he now lives to him and his heirs in fee.

Unto my beloved wife Frances Hoggatt one negro boy named Sheriff . . .

To William Dobbs 10 current money.

To my wife 150 current money of Virginia.

To Coltrain Neil 10 current money.

To Frances Hunt 5 current money.

I do order that all my personal estate shall be sold and as much of my real estate as shall pay all my debts and legacies and the remainder to be equally divided between my two grandsons Anthony Hoggatt, son of Nathaniel Hoggatt, and Anthony Collins, son of Stephen Collins.

(s) Anthony Hoggatt

Note: If Anthony Hoggard was born ca. 1646 and died in 1755 then he would have been 109 when he died which seems unlikely. It appears more probable that these records are of two or more related people named Anthony Hoggard.

James Hoggard/Haggard, H11, son of Anthony Hoggard, identified in 1723 Over-wharton Parish, Stafford County, VA, as a tobacco planter with three sons. Nearest neighbors, also tobacco planters, were James French and William Rice. The book by David Dawson Haggard identifies him as a schoolteacher with four sons. Records in the same area include two others believed to be brothers of those named. Mr. Leland Gentry identifies James Haggard's wife as Elizabeth Gentry, baptised 29 August 1687, St. Peter's Parish, New Kent County, VA, daughter of Nicholas Gentry I. (Undoubtedly there were daughters not shown.):

1. James Haggard, Jr., H111, born ca. 1709, Overwharton Parish, Stafford, VA.

2. Richard Haggard, H112, born ca. 1711, Overwharton Parish, Stafford, VA.

3. William Haggard, H113, born ca. 1712, Overwharton Parish, Stafford, VA.

4. John Hoggard, H114, born ca. 1714, Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, VA.

5. Frank Haggard, H115, born ca. 1716, Overwharton, Stafford County, VA. (May be an error and the same person as French Haggard, H1121.)

6. Nathaniel Haggard, H116, born 21 November 1723, Overwharton Parish, Stafford, VA.

7. Edmund Haggard, H117, born 1725, Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, VA.

8. Gray Haggard, H118, born ca. 1728, Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, VA.

9. Zechariah Haggard, H119, born ca. 1730, Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, VA.

NOTE: The next existing Tax List of Stafford County, VA, in 1729 lists no Haggards.

1714 "Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants" 1694-1742, compiled by Gertrude E. Gray. Book 5, Page 45. 6 April 1714 Grant James Haggard sold to Alexander Scott and recorded in his name.

Deed Book B, page 32, pp 20-21 The Rt. Hon. Catherine Lady Fairfax, sole proprietor of the Northern Neck of Virginia to James Haggard of Stafford County . . . land belonging to me in County of Richmond, did on April 6, 1714, obtain a warrant from my office for laying out the same and having returned a survey under the hand of Mr. Thomas Hooper . . . for 450 acres . . . being on a branch of the Marsh Run called the Horse Pen Branch . . . March Run issueth out of the north side of Rappahanock River about 30 miles above falls in Richmond County and westward on upper side of said branch opposite to lands of John Hooper, John Marr Jr., and William Russell . . . January 21, 1714. Recorded in Deed Book "fo" 122, T. Phipps Cl. Prop. office.

At court April 18 1733 this deed from the proprietors to Alexander Scott for 450 acres is admitted to record.

Book 5, Page 122. Warrant 6 April 1714 Thomas Hooper surveyed. James Haggard of Stafford County assigned to Alexander Scott of Stafford County 450 acres in Richmond County on Marsh Run called Horsepen Branch of Rappahannock River, about 30 miles above the falls, 21 January 1714/15.

1716 December 23, Book 5, Page 93 Mark Harding of Northumberland County, 94 acres in Richmond County on Elk Marsh adjoining William Russell and James Haggard.

1720 Hanover County, VA, formed from New Kent County, VA.

1742 Louisa County, VA, formed from Hanover County, VA.

1744 Albemarle County, VA, formed from parts of Goochland and Louisa Counties.

1751 Nelson Kelley married 4 November 1751, Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, VA, Elizabeth Jeffries, both died ca. 1815, Bedford County, TN, and had three sons:

1. Thomas Kelley, on the 1790 census Laurens County, SC

2. Reuben Kelley, born 1763, Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, VA,

3. William Kelley, born ca. 1776, Overwharson Parish, Stafford County, VA, married Martha Garrett, born 28 November 1778, daughter of Edward Garrett of Laurens County, SC, and are believed to have had two sons:

1. Ephraim Kelley, born 1795.

2. Joseph B. Kelley, born abt. 1801.

Reuben Kelley, son of Nelson and Elizabeth (Jeffries) Kelley, was born 1763, Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, VA, died 1815 Bedford County, TN, married Lovicy ?, and had eight children:

1. William Kelley, born ca. 1793.

2. Anne Kelley, born ca. 1795, Laurens County, NC, died ca. 1858, Bedford County, TN, married Joseph Keller.

3. Sarah Kelley, born 19 October 1800, Laurens County, SC, died 6 June 1863, Bedford County, TN, married Francis H. Keller.

4. Nancy Kelley, born ca. 1801, Laurens County, SC, married William Jones.

5. Polly Kelley, probably never married, died Bedford County, TN.

6. Reuben Kelley, born ca. 1808, Laurens County, SC, died ca. 1864, Perry County, IL, married Elizabeth C. Jones.

7. Benjamin D. Kelley, born ca. 1811, Bedford County, TN, died 1 January 1862, Perry County, IL, married Nancy ?.

8. Nathan T. Kelley, born ca. 1815, Bedford County, TN, moved to Perry County, IL, married Elizabeth G. ?.

Reuben Kelley was a Baptist minister and established the New Home Baptist Church, Fairfield, Bedford County, TN, April 1, 1809, the names below were constituted and met according to appointment Elder David Adams, Elder James Walker and Barkley Martin and Charles Harriman a Presbytery and after inquiry into their principle of faith we were constituted a church by the name of Newhope on the principle following . . .

1. Nelson Kelly 6. Vincent Smith 11. Jane Hunt 16. Mary Walker

2. Charles Fain 7. William Longmire 12. Louisa Kelly 17. Ruth Holms

3. Isiah Holmes 8. John Bayles 13. Catherine Fain 18. Hannah Longmire

4. Isaac Hunt 9. Lewis Medlin 14. Anny Smith 19. Rachel Medlin

5. Reuben Kelly 10. Judith Fain 15. Elizabeth Bayles

At the same time received the following members: Martha Smith, by letter; Martha MacMahan, D ; Elizabeth Kelly, D ; and Elizabeth Wilkerson, by experience.


(Errors in translating handwriting)

Made the 2nd day of November 1811. The number of members then belonging to Newhope Church. Also the names of members who have been added since:

1. Nelson Kelly Dead 20. Minney Butler Dismissed

2. Isaac Holms 21. William Hammond Dismissed

3. Reuben Kelly Dead 22. Catherine Gardner Dismissed

4. Vincent Smith 23. Elizabeth Campbell Dismilled

5. Elizabeth Kelly Dead 24. John Tillman

6. Louisa Kelly 26. Charles Harriman

7. Anny Smith 27. Samuel Parks Dismissed

8. Ruth Holms Dismissed 28. Phebe Parks Dismissed

9. E. Wilkerson 29. Aron Ashbrook Excommuned

10. Barkley Martin Dismissed 30. Susannah Kelly Dismissed

11. John Yates Dead 31. Joseph Parkman Dismissed

12. Rachel Martin 32. Susannah Parkman Dismissed

13. Sally Martin 33. Patsy Montgomery Dismissed

14. Matt Martin's Amy 34. Daniel's Bob Excommuned

15. " " Milly Dead 35. Fincher Jude Excommuned

16. Barkley Martin's Belinder 36. Francis Turner Dismissed

17. John O. Timus Dismissed 37. Darkefs Garrett Dismissed

18. James Slaton Dismissed 38. Sarah Garrett Dead

19. Polly Slaton Dismissed 39. Susannah Coggburn Dismissed

40. Eli Green Excommuned 87. Elizabeth Blythe

41. Lucy Green Dismissed 88. Susannah Jackson Dismissed

42. John Kelly Excommuned 89. Thomas Moody Dismissed

43. and wife Dead 90. Ealy Moody Dismissed

44. Nancy Yates Dismissed 91. Thomas Couch

45. Rosy Strowd Dismissed 92. Fanny Smith Dead

46. John Strowd Excommuned 93. Fanny Gatewood

47. Elizabeth Queen Dead 94. Polly Hodge Excommuned

48. Polly Shaw 95. Jacob Croff Dead

49. Emanuel York Dismissed 96. B. Martin's Tom

50. Martha Hill Dismissed 97. James Brigg Dismissed

51. John Hall 98. Polly Jones Dead

52. Richard Lewis Dismissed 99. Thomas Patton Dismissed

53. Delby Lewis Dismissed 100. Lewis Vannoy Dismissed

54. George H. Brooks Dismissed 101. Elizabeth Campbell

55. William King Dismissed 102. Polly Dotson Dead

56. John Durham Dismissed 103. Josiah Bolton Excommuned

57. Polly Durham Dismissed 104. John Louey Dead

58. Matthew Jones 105. Sally Chard Dismissed

59. Laben Jones 106. Martha Burnam

60. Richard Hill Dismissed 107. Melcher Duncan Dismissed

61. John Keller Dismissed 108. William Hall Excommuned

62. Susannah Hawsey Dismissed 109. Susannah Anderson Dismissed

63. E. York Dismissed 110. Mat Martin's Franky

64. Polly Singleton Dismissed 111. W. Hord's Molly

65. Rebeckah Smith Dismissed 112. Patsy Jenkins Excommuned

66. Jamima King 113. Matt Martin's Dick

67. William Chard Dismissed 114. Samuel Haggard, H11836

68. Rebeckah Smith Dismissed 115. wife, Mahaley Haggard

69. Patience Kelly 116. Polly Smith Excommuned

70. Christopher Shaw 117. Susannah Pickens Dismissed

71. Isaiah Hunt Dismissed 118. Charles Wilkerson

72. Jinny Hunt Dismissed 119. William Peacock Dismissed

73. Thomas B. Mosley Dismissed 120. Susannah Peacock Dismissed

74. Rebekah Mosley Dismissed 121. Catherine Garner Dead

75. Fanny Weatherford Dismissed 122. Catherine Couch

76. Annt Finch Dismissed 123. Elizabeth Addenton

77. Rhody Ashbrook 124. Matt Martin's Peter

78. Mary Childers Dead 125. Elizabeth Cagle Dismissed

79. Rachel Jones 126. George Beard Excommuned

80. DSusannah Hall Dead 127. Patty Beard

81. Darkefs Galign Dismissed 128. Sarah Haggard

82. John Hall 129. Mary Davis

83. Elisha Hall Excommuned 130. Rebekah Meadows Dismissed

84. John Jackson Dismissed 131. John Kelly, Restored Dismissed

85. John Beard 132. Sarah Carter Dismissed

86. James Blythe Dead 133. James Slatton Dismissed

134. Stephen Box Dismissed 183. Francis Turner Dismissed

135. Rholy Couch 184. John Meadows Dead

136. Sally Kynion Excommuned 185. Rebekah Meadows

137. Moses Yell Dead 186. Jerimiah Daniel

138. Fealder Roberts 187. and his wife Eady

139. Polly Barley 188. Sgt. Davidson's Aggu

140. Drucilla Bates Dismissed 189. Sgt. Edward Ragsdale's

141. Lydice Haggitt Blackwoman

142. Thomas Dickson Dismissed 190. Whittow's Blackwoman Sally

143. Elizabeth Dickson Dismissed 191. Morton Jones

144. William Peacock's Caroline Dismissed 192. Francis Jones

145. Judith Hooker 193. John Carter

146. Rebekah Strowd Dismissed 194. John Vannoy

147. Mary Kelley Dismissed 195. Mary Vannoy

148. Elizabeth Hinton Dismissed 196. Francis Hall

149. Jemina Woods 197. Margaret Hurt

150. Sarah Carter 198. Eligah Green Restored

151. Thomas Owen 199. Bram Martin

152. Fanny Weatherford 200. Sarah Holmes

153. Sally Belue Dismissed 201. John Tillman's Joshua

154. Heziah Hays 202. Nancy Sailor

155. Sarah Preslan 203. Susannah Davis

156. William Crittendon 204. Joseph Prier

157. Elizabeth Crittendon 205. Margarette Drake

158. Jofse Eaton Dismissed 206. James Quinn

159. Sally Eaton Dismissed 207. Lydia Quinn

160. Annie Harris Dismissed 208. Joseph McDonin

161. Eligah Green Exc-Restored 209. Gadock Wood, Jr.

162. John Smith Dismissed 211. Rachel Martin's Silvy

163. Martha Smith Dismissed 212. Theodore Drake

164. Soloman Langston Dismissed 213. Rhody Wood

165. Sarah Langston Dismissed 214. Minney McDaniel

166. June Meadows 215. Smith

167. Dannie Bufford Dismissed 216. Rachel Hall

168. Polly Boldin 217. William Ring

169. Hannah Martin Dismissed 218. Lucy Wood

170. Nathaniel Vannoy 219. Mrs. Ruben Owens

171. Knight Dolby 220. Polly Wood

172. Ann Dolby 221. Elizabeth Wood

174. William Martin Dismissed 222. Thomas Jones

175. Eligah Green 223. David Burk

176. Preger's Sarah 224. Elizabeth Richardson

178. D. V. Cloe 225. Polly Smith

179. Richard Cunningham 226. Thomas Mosley's Bob

180. and his wife 227. Mary Peacock

181. John Bagley 228. Lucy Burk

182. Betty Bagley 229. Lemon Hale

230. Aron Bollins 255. Edmond Hord's

231. Lucinda Carny Black Woman Nelly

232. Anna Keller 256. Elizabeth Jones

233. Lydia Wright 257. Matt Martin's Ambrose

234. Mr. Scott's Tony 258. Alfred L. Haggard

235. Matt Martin's Cap 259. Mrs. R. Martin's Gabriel

236. Widow Martin's Fanny 260. John G. Haggard

237. Robert Waite's Cynthia 261. Mr. Warren's

238. Robert Foster Black Man Squire

239. Robert Thagmorton 262. Stephen Boothe

240. Thomas Keeling 263. Barkley Martin

241. Mary THagmorton 264. J. Vance's Simon

243. James Arnold 265. Alfred Haggard

244. Andrew Vanney 266. Samuel Clay's Hannah

245. Narciga Heys 267. Mary Blythe

246. Benjamin Piner 268. Henry Davis

247. Moses Hay 269. Martha Crittendon

248. James Cathy 270. Isam

249. Jones Error 271. Sgt. Davidson's Ben

250. John Marshall's Abram 272. William Ditto

251. Francis Turner 273. Sarah Kenedy

252. Laban Jones' Jive 274. Joseph Kenedy

253. Wm. Crittendon's Black Woman Peggy

January 26, 1953

This is copied from old church records of Newhope Baptist Church at Fairfield, Tennessee (Bedford County). The records were submitted to me by Mr. Aubrey Lee of Fairfield, TN, who is now eighty years old. He has two daughters: Mrs Bennett Troxler and Mrs. Walker Isom, living in Wartrace, TN. They are descendants of the Martin family of Revolutionary War fame.

Mrs. Paul Gore

Historian, Shelby Chapter

Shelbyville, Tennessee

NOTES: Laurens County, SC, was formed in 1785 from part of District Ninety-six.

Bedford County, TN, was formed 1807 from Rutherford County. Rutherford County was formed in 1803 from Davidson County.

The marriage of Nelson Kelley and Elizabeth Jeffries is recorded in Overwharton Parish Register, Stafford County, VA, and his contract to serve as Overseer for George Washington in 1762 in Fairfax County, VA, can be found in "Colonial Soldiers of the South" by Myrtie June Clark.

Nelson Kelley served in Capt. William Brinkleys Company, first Regiment, NC Militia, commanded by Col. Samuel Jarvis along with William Kelley, who has been identified as the William S. Kelley who died in 1824, Franklin County, TN. Nelson Kelley was paid for sundry claims in salisbury District, NC, in 1782.

Nelson Kelley was one of the executors of Edward Garrett's noncupative will in Laurens County, SC. The Garrett family also came from the Stafford County, VA, area. There is a Garrett Kelley, born 1829, TN, in the 1850 census of Decatur County, TN.

Nelson and Reuben Kelley are listed as delegates in "Baptists in SC" by Leah Townsend, who says that they went to Bedford County, TN. Nelson, Elizabeth, Reuben and Lavisa are listed among the 12 organizing members of the Newhope Baptist Church in 1809 at Fairfield, Bedford, TN.

Reuben Kelley has a tombstone in the Keller Cemetery, Bedford County, TNm where Hosea Garrett, brother of Martha Garrett, is buried.

1757 October 24 Pursuant to an order of the Vestry of Fredericksville Parish, Louisa County, VA, we have processioned the following tracts of land: John Henderson, Samuel Henderson, Robert Sharp, William Carril, James Burger, William Spear, John Forse, John Robinson, Giles Allegre, Micajah Clark, Matthew Allegre, and James Haggard.

1764 May 8 James Haggard and wife Sarah sold land on Little Mechunk Creek to Sandy Ford, Deed Book 3, page 437, Charlottesville, Louisa, VA.

1770 Inventory of the estate of James Haggard filed in both Louisa and Albemarle Counties, VA, due to the property being on the county line.

James Haggard, Jr., H111, son of James and Elizabeth (Gentry) Haggard, was born ca. 1709, Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, VA, died after 1743, Prince William County, VA, married ca. 1731, Margaret M. French, daughter of James I. and Elizabeth (?) French. They had at least two sons:

1. Samuel Haggard, H1111, born ca. 1740, Prince William County, VA. (May be the same person identified by David Dawson Haggard as a son of Gray Haggard.)

2. George Haggard, H1112, born ca. 1750, Fredericksville Parish, married ca. 1772, Sarah "Sally" Pasley (see will 1781 of Mary Pasley).

1730/31 Prince William County, VA, formed from portions of Stafford and King George Counties, VA.

1731 February 17, Deed Book A, pages 202-209 Henry Filkins, planter, to James Haggard of same, planter . . . considerations him thereunto moving . . . and sum of 2000 lbs. tobacco . . . branch on south side of Ocquoquon River known by the name of Long Branch in Hamilton Parish . . . 100 acres being part of a greater tract . . . near line of Henry Halley. Deed of lease and release. (s) Henry Filkins

Witness: Diana (x) Metcalfe, John Metcalfe, Richard Haggard.

1731 February 28: Received of James Haggard, 200 lbs. tobacco.

1732 At court April 19: Vallentine Barton by virtue of power of attorney from Henry Filkins acknowledged this release with receipt endorsed.

Henry Filkins of Prince William appoint my beloved friend Vallentine Barton my tru and lawfull attorney . . . to acknowledge in Prince William County court unto James Haggard, 100 acres . . . seal this 17th day of April 1732. Witness: Thomas Reno, Richard Haggard.

At court April 19, 1732, this power of attorney from Henry Filkins to Vallentine Barton proved by witnesses.

1732 April 19, Deed Book A, pages 180-181 James Haggard witnessed deed between Thomas Davies of Prince William and Thomas Goosetree of same.

1741 November 2 James Haggard and his wife Margaret M. (French) Haggard and John Moor witnessed the will of James I. French of Prince William County, VA, probated 23 May 1743. Special bequests were made by James I. French to his wife Elizabeth, son William and daughter Mary Ann French. If son William French died without heirs his portion was to be auctioned off and divided equally between his wife and "All my children." (This would be his wife Elizabeth, daughter Mary Ann French, Margaret M. (French) Haggard wife of James Haggard, Jr., and Richard Haggard's wife (unless she was Mary Ann French).

1744 May 5 (Louisa County, VA, Deed Book A, pages 142-143) James Haggard and wife Margaret (French) Haggard, both of Prince William County, VA, witnessed deed of conveyance for land William Haggard acquired by deed in Louisa County, VA, 1 October 1741 who was living in Prince William County, VA, when he sold the same.

1746 September 22 50 acres belonging to James Haggard sold as part of tract of land from Maurice Bivens of Prince William County to James Gregsby of Stafford.

October 27, 1746 Ann Barton releases her right of dower in land sold by her son Maurice Bivens to James Grigsby. Witnessed by William Haggard and George Foster.

1750 August 28 Frank Haggard had to be born prior to 1729 to purchase land in 1750, Louisa County, VA, from Samuel Gentry.

1752 June 23 Ordered that the church wardens of Dettigen Parish do bind Mary Holiday apprentice to William Haggard according to law.

William Haggard on a jury.

July 29 1752: William Haggard against James Scott, Clerk: This day came the aforesaid William by Benjamin Sebastian his attorney and the said James came not although solemnly required, judgment is therefore granted to said William against the said James for what shall be recovered unless etc.

1753 May 30: Samuel Jenkins, Plaintiff, William Haggard, defendant in tresspass. The suit is agreed.

1755 May 31: William Haggard, plaintiff, James Scott, Clerk, defendant. The defendant on his motion hath a sprcial imparlance granted until next court.

1764 James Haggard and wife Sarah sold land on Little Mechunk Creek to Tandy Ford.

1770 James Haggard estate land in both Albemarle and Louisa Counties.

1771 George Haggard sold land on Mechunk Creek.

1776 George Haggard sold land in Albemarle County, VA, to John Hudson, Deed Book 6, page 513, Charlottesville, Albemarle, VA.

1777 George Haggard signed petition to form Fluvanna County, then signed one to not dissolve border after all, then another to support the new county as he had not understood earlier.

Fluvanna County, VA, formed from Albemarle County.

George Haggard to provide hands to maintain "Three-Notched Road" from Louisa County Line to Albemarle County Line within Fluvanna County near Giles Allegre (and others who were found to be neighbors of the Haggards in the 1800's).

October 1 George Haggard sold 40 acres on Mechunk Creek, Fluvanna County.

1779 George Haggard witnessed land sale by Giles Allegre.

1781 Will of Mary Pasley to daughter Sarah "Sally" (Pasley) Haggard. (believed to be wife of George Haggard.)

1782 Heads of families George Haggard 5 whites, and James Haggard 4 whites.

1785 George Haggard and wife Sarah (Pasley) Haggard sold land on Little Mechunk Creek.

1787 Only Sally or Sarah (Pasley) Haggard listed on tax list. George Haggard must have died ca. 1785-1787.

1806 James Haggard deceased estate Fluvanna County, VA, value $126.91, dated 3 October, filed 27 October 1806.

1806 James Haggard married Tullosa Rice, by John B. Magruder, Methodist minister.

1810 Census William Haggard, two children, one son and one daughter.

1814 September 6 Lunenberg County, VA, Deed Book page 101: Reference to a land patent granted to James Haggard, devised to son George Haggard, sold by George Haggard 6 September 1814.

1820 Census Robert Haggard, born 1775-1794, two sons 1810-1820, two sons 1804-1810, wife 1775-1796, two daughters 1810-1820, one daughter born ca. 1804-1810.

Sally (Pasley) Haggard, born before 1775, one son 1804-1810, one daughter 1810-1820.

1850 Census Daniel Haggard, 35, born 1815, living with Judith Bailey, 75, and Mary Dabney, 35.

Robert Haggard, 27, born 1823, Susan, 33; William J., 4; Sarah, 2.

Sarah Haggard, 60, born 1790; Walker, 35 (pauper); Judith, 25; Susan 22; Rebecca, 16.

Richard Haggard, H112, son of James and Elizabeth (Gentry) Haggard, was born ca. 1711, Stafford County, VA, died after 1762, Fredericksville Parish, Louisa County, VA, married ca. 1731, Miss French, daughter of James I. and Elizabeth (?) French. They had at least one son:

1. French Haggard, H1121, was born ca. 1734, Prince William County, VA, married ca. 1755, Fredericksville Parish, Louisa County, VA, Ann Gentry, G51, born ca. 1736, daughter of Samuel and Ann (?) Gentry, granddaughter of Nicholas Gentry I.

1730/31 Prince William County, VA, formed from portions of Stafford and King George


1748/49 Cumberland County, VA, formed from Goochland County, VA.

1750 Richard and Frank Haggard names appear on several land processing papers in Cumberland County, VA.

1759 October 1, Lunenberg County Deed Book 5, 1757-1760, page 489: Indenture in which David Allen of the County of Johnson, Province of North Carolina and Allen Gentry of the County of Lunenberg, VA, of one part sell to Richard Haggard of Lunenberg for 30 a tract of land containing 100 acres of land in the County of Lunenberg on Crooked Creek.

1760 Richard Hoggard was a Viewer of Land in Cumberland County, VA.

1763 Richard Hoggard deed to Thomas Walker, Deed Book 3, page 382, Charlottesville, Albemarle, VA.

1767 Richard Hoggard on Tax List in Cumberland County, VA.

William Haggard, H113, son of James and Elizabeth (Gentry) Haggard, was born ca. 1712, Stafford County, VA, died after 1744, Prince William County, VA, married ca. 1735, Elizabeth ?

1730/31 Prince William County formed from Stafford and King George Counties.

1741 October 1 William Haggard acquired by deed land in Louisa County, VA, living in Prince William County, VA, when he sold the same 5 May 1744, (Louisa County, VA, Deed Book A, pages 142-143). Witnessed by James Haggard and wife Margaret (French) Haggard, both of Prince William County, VA.

John Hoggard, H114, son of James and Elizabeth (Gentry) Haggard, was born ca. 1714, Stafford County, VA, died after 1748, Fredericksville Parish, Louisa County, VA, married ca. 1734, (unidentified), and had at least two sons:

1. John Haggard, Jr., H1141, born ca. 1736, Fredericksville Parish, Louisa County, VA.

2. Jesse Haggard, H1142, born before 1740, Fredericksville Parish, Louisa County, VA.

1748 August 28 John Hogard, of Wardileu Parish, Louisa County, VA, purchased 60 acres of land including Signal Springs Plantation from John Richardson of Gordonsville Parish, Louisa County, VA, Deed Book A, page 323.

John Haggard, Jr., H1141, son of John Haggard, was born ca. 1740, Fredericksville Parish, Louisa County, VA, married ca. 1765, Barbara ?, born ca. 1742. They had eight children:

1. John Haggard III, H11411, born 1775, Fredericksville Parish, Louisa, VA.

2. Lucy M. Haggard, H11412, born ca. 1778, Fredericksville Parish, Louisa, VA.

3. Robert Haggard, H11413, born ca. 1780, Fredericksville Parish, Louisa, VA.

4. William Haggard, H11414, born ca 1782, Fredericksville Parish, Louisa, VA.

5. Daniel Haggard, H11415, born ca. 1784, Fredericksville Parish, Louisa, VA.

6. Elizabeth Haggard, H11416, born ca. 1786, Fredericksville Parish, Louisa County, VA, married 30 December 1806, Fluvanna County, VA, Merriman White.

7. Jane Haggard, H11417, born ca. 1788, Fluvanna County, VA.

8. Judy Haggard, H11418, born ca. 1790, Fluvanna County, VA.

1777 Fluvanna County, VA, formed from a portion of Albemarle County.

1778 John Haggard, H1141, was born prior to 1757 to purchase land from John Jones, Deed Book 8, page 220, Charlottesville, Albemarle, VA.

John Haggard purchased right of dower from Fannie Jones, Deed Book 8, page 241, Charlottesville, Albemarle, VA.

1786 John Haggard sold to Jacob Alfred, Deed Book 9, page 321, Charlottesville, Albemarle, VA.

1800 April 14 John Haggard purchased 70 acres of land on Indian Run Road along Taylor Creek for consideration of 70 from Henry Duke and wife Susannah Duke, Deed Book J, page 5, Charlottesville, Albemarle, VA. (See deed for complete details). Name of grantee spelled out five times two as Hogard and three as Hoggard.

1800 September 8 John Hoggard purchased land from Sam Waddy, Sr., Deed Book J, page 56, Charlottesville, Louisa, VA.

1804 September 9 John Hoggard, receipt from James Hogan, Deed Book J, page 679, Charlottesville, Louisa, VA.

1809 September William Haggard and wife Catherine and Daniel Haggard and wife Mary or Polly, sold for 60, 25 acres on Little Mechunk Creek, Fluvanna County, to Jonah Payne. These are believed to be the William and Daniel of Ross County, OH, where there was a letter for Daniel Haggard in 1810.

1810 December 10 John Hoggard purchased a 6.5 acre tract of land in Louisa County, VA, adjoining the tract where the sellers William Overton Collis and Ann Collis now lives for consideration of 100 pounds sterling this tract described as "beginning south side of road at Duke Crosby's corner thence south 5 degrees east 10 poles to corner of John Hoggard's line north 63 degrees, west 82 poles to corner of Anthony Winston's. Deed Book L, page 469, Louisa County, VA.

1814 February 11 John Hoggard and Barbara Hoggard his wife sold to Duke Crosby a 42 acre tract of land in Louisa County along the Louisa to Richmond Road for 210 pounds sterling, Deed Book M, page 291, Louisa County, VA.

(s) John Hoggard

Barbara Hoggard

Robert Haggard, H11413, son of John Jr. and Barbara (?) Haggard, was born ca. 1780, Louisa County, VA, married 23 October 1803, Sarah "Sally" Faris, daughter of Joseph Faris, by John Magruder, Methodist minister. They had ten children:

1. Daniel T. Haggard, born ca. 1806, Clifton Forge, VA.

2. Daughter Haggard, born ca. 1808, Clifton Forge, VA.

3. Twin sons Haggard, b/d ca. 1810.

4. Daughter Haggard, born ca. 1812.

5. Walker Haggard, born ca. 1815, Clifton Forge, VA.

6. Judith Haggard, H114136, born ca. 1817, Clifton Forge, VA, married William Filmore.

7. Fountain Haggard, H114137, born 1821 Clifton Forge, VA.

8. Robert Haggard, H114138, born ca. 1823, Clifton Forge, VA.

9. Daughter Haggard, born ca. 1825, Clifton Forge, VA.

10. Rebecca Haggard, born ca. 1834, Clifton Forge, VA

Fountain Haggard, H114137, son of Robert and Sarah "Sally" Faris, was born 1821 Clifton Forge, VA, married 24 March 1842, Fluvanna County, VA, Martha Waiscoat, by John Goodman, Methodist minister.

1. Susan A. Haggard, born 1846, Fluvanna County, VA.

2. John H. Haggard, born 1846, Fluvanna County, VA.

3. Sarah F. Haggard, born 1848, Fluvanna County, VA.

4. Mary F. Haggard, born 1850, Fluvanna County, VA.

5. Charles R. Haggard, born 1852, Fluvanna County, VA.

6. Martha J. Haggard, born 1854, Fluvanna County, VA.

Robert Haggard, H114138, son of Robert and Sarah "Sally" Faris, was born ca. 1823, Clifton Forge, VA, married 24 March 1842, Fluvanna County, VA, Susan ?, eight children:

1. William J. Haggard, born 1844, Fluvanna County, VA.

2. Sarah E. Haggard, born 1846, Fluvanna County, VA.

3. Henry Fountain Haggard, H1141383, born 1848, Fluvanna County, VA.

4. Charles W. Haggard, born 1850, Fluvanna County, VA.

5. Virginia A. Haggard, born 1852, Fluvanna County, VA.

6. Susan M. Haggard, born 1854, Fluvanna County, VA.

7. Alice Haggard, born 1856, Fluvanna County, VA.

8. Daughter Haggard, born 1858, Fluvanna County, VA, married Mr. Shepard.

Henry Fountain Haggard, H1141383, son of Robert and Susan (?) Haggard, was born 1848, Fluvanna County, VA, married ca. 1879, Clifton Forge, VA, Wilhelmina "Willie" Thomas, and had five children:

1. Minerva B. "Minnie" Haggard, born 1880, Clifton Forge, VA, died 1964.

2. James Fountain Haggard, born 1882, Clifton Forge, VA.

3. Lloyd Myrtle Haggard, born 1884, Clifton Forge, VA.

4. Bernard L. Haggard, born 1886, Clifton Forge, VA.

5. Elwood Maury Haggard, H11413835, born 1888, Albemarle County, VA.

Elwood Maury Haggard, H11413835, son of Henry Fountain and Wilhelmina "Willie" (Thomas) Haggard, was born 1888, Albemarle County, VA, died 1964, Clifton Forge, VA, married 21 November 1907, Charlottesville, Louisa, VA, Helen Carter, and had four children:

1. Elva M. Haggard, born 1910, Clifton Forge, VA.

2. Helen L. Haggard, born 1912, Clifton Forge, VA.

3. Bertha V. Haggard, born 1914, Clifton Forge, VA.

4. Claude M. Haggard, born 1916, Clifton Forge, VA.

William Haggard, H11414, son of John Jr. and Barbara (?) Haggard, was born ca 1784, Fredericksville Parish, Louisa County, VA, married 3 December 1806, Fluvanna County, VA, Catherine "Katy" McKnott, by John Magruder, Methodist minister. William Haggard, served in the War of 1812. They had (1820/1830 Census):

1. Andrew Haggard, H114141, born ca. 1802, Concord, Ross, OH.

2. Daughter Haggard, born ca. 1804, Concord, Ross, OH.

3. Polly Haggard, born ca. 1806, Concord, Ross, OH, married 26 February 1829, Robert Hill.

4. James Haggard, H114144, born ca. 1808, Concord, Ross, OH, married 26 July 1832, Concord, Ross, OH, Mary Gossard.

5. David Haggard, H114145, born ca. 1810, Concord, Ross, OH.

6. Thomas Haggard, H114146, born ca. 1814, Concord, Ross, OH.

7. John Haggard, born ca. 1816, OH, married 2 March 1837, Sarah Acton.

8. Solomon Haggard, H114148, born ca. 1818, Concord, Ross, OH, married 3 February 1853, Mary E. McLain.

9. Son Haggard, born ca. 1820, Concord, Ross, OH.

10. Son Haggard, born ca. 1822, Concord, Ross, OH.

11. Daughter Haggard, born ca. 1824, Concord, Ross, OH.

12. Daughter Haggard, born ca. 1826, Concord, Ross.

13. Son Haggard, born ca. 1828, Concord, Ross, OH.

William Haggard, H11414, married secondly 17 June 1827, Concord, Ross County, OH, Sarah Goldberry, born 1808, VA, and had (1850 census):

14. Margaret Haggard, H11414E, born 1834, Concord, Ross, OH, married 14 May 1855, Concord, Ross, OH, Jeremiah Draper.

15. Daniel, Haggard, H11414F, born 1836, Concord, Ross, OH, married 4 October 1854, Concord, Ross, OH, Catherine Dolan.

16. Mahala A. E. Haggard, H11414G, born 1839, Concord, Ross, OH, married 17 February 1863, Concord, Ross, OH, James A. Edmonds.

17. Martha Haggard, born ca. 1844, Concord, Ross, OH.

18. Clarissa Haggard, born 1846, Concord, Ross, OH.

19. Mary Haggard, born 1849, Concord, Ross, OH.

20. Rachel E. Haggard, born 1859, Concord, Ross, OH.

Andrew Haggard, H114141, son of William and Catherine "Katy" (McKnott) Haggard, was born 1802, VA, married ca. 1843, Concord, Ross, OH, Effa ?, born 1819, Concord, Ross, OH, and had (1850 Census):

1. Jane Haggard, born 1844, Concord, Ross County, OH.

2. George Haggard, born 1846, Concord, Ross County, OH.

3. William Haggard, born 1848, Concord, Ross County, OH, married 10 October 1872, Caroline DeVore.

4. Mary A. Haggard, born 1849, Concord, Ross County, OH.

David Haggard, H114145, son of William Haggard, was born ca. 1810, Concord, Ross, OH, married 24 December 1835, Martha Lane, born ca. 1820. David and Martha (Lane) Haggard died of cholera after the 1850 census, Jackson, Franklin, OH, and had four children:

1. William Haggard, H1141451, born ca. 1836, Madison County, OH.

2. Harriett "Hattie" Haggard, H1141452, born 17 February 1841, Zanesville, Muskingum, OH. Harriett was raised by a cousin Ryder Haggard.

3. Sarah Haggard, H1141453, born 1841, Jackson, Franklin, OH.

4. Thomas Haggard, H1141454, born 1843, Jackson, Franklin, OH.

Harriett "Hattie" Haggard, H1141452, daughter of David and Martha (Lane) Haggard, was born 17 February 1841, Zanesville, Muskingum, OH, died 26 October 1913, Columbus, Franklin, OH, married 1862, George Vanderbilt Lott, born 23 August 1840, Reynoldsburg, Schuyler, NY, died 26 October 1913, Columbus, Franklin, OH. They had two sons:

1. Frank Sheridan Lott, H11414521, born 27 October 1864, Columbus, Franklin, OH, died 31 July 1945, married 3 November 1886, Amanda "Minnie" Knopf. They had two daughters:

1. Helen Flowers Lott, H114145211, born 2 June 1889, died 11 June 1982.

2. Leota Adelaide Lott, H114145212, born 30 July 1894.

2. Cortland H. Lott, H11414522, born 2 September 1867, died 1943.

Leota Adelaide Lott, H114145212, daughter of Frank Sheridan and Amanda "Minnie" (Knopf) Lott, was born 30 July 1894, died 4 November 1989, Lancaster, Los Angeles, CA, married 1 January 1917, Harry M. Gailey, and had a daughter:

1. Helen Gailey, H1141452121, born 26 April 1919. Pittsburg, Allegheny, PA, married 17 June 1941, Los Angeles, CA, Henry Clinton Spaulding Keeton. They have five children:

1. Elizabeth Anne Keeton, H11414521211, born 14 February 1944, Los Angeles, CA.

2. Donna Lee Keeton, H11414521212, born 20 November 1945, Los Angeles, CA.

3. Henry Spaulding Keeton, Jr., H11414521213, born 10 August 1948, Los Angeles, CA.

4. Bruce Gailey Keeton, H11414521214, born 8 September 1951, Los Angeles, CA.

5. David Gailey Keeton, H11414521215, born 25 June 1958, Los Angeles, CA.


Thomas Haggard, H114146, son of William Haggard, was born ca. 1814, Concord, Ross, OH, married 1 March 1836, Concord, Ross, OH, Lucinda Headly, and had a daughter in the 1850 census:

1. Sarah C. Haggard, born 1841, Concord, Ross, OH, married 13 November 1859, Ross County, OH, Daniel Shepard.


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