Words cannot express my joy and gratefulness
for Susan Eleanor Haggard Hayashi

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Gary L. Foster, Webmaster
for Surnames.com

When her father died he left a tremendous amount of genealogy notes, files, photos and group sheets from his 35 years of research on the Haggard Family.  He linked over 40,403 related names to this family.  He had correspondence covering many many years of direct responses to his inquiries. 

He knew his family very well, their travels and contributions to the growth of the United States.  He was on the verge of considering how to publish his findings on the internet when suddenly he died...

Now, this is the fear of all genealogists!

What will the kids do with your life's work?  Will they leave it in a box, on a shelf or under the bed?  Will someone leave it in a musky storage shed where in time its value will be lost?  Perhaps, others not knowing the irreplaceable value of these records would simply toss them out...

Susan Eleanor Haggard Hayashi may not be a genealogist like her father but she lovingly took his records and published a PAF and GEDCOM file of her fathers work.  Then she designed a web page and published her fathers work for all to enjoy and download as they desired.  Her fathers valuable records were not lost.  They were shared with all peoples of the earth with a computer and a modem.  Bless you Susan!

Perhaps someday, she will donate her fathers boxes of research notes to the Genealogical Library in Salt Lake City, Utah or another institution that will preserve them for millions of interested persons throughout the world. 

In every family we need to identify who the next "keeper" of our records will be and begin teaching them how to preserve them and continue the work on them after we are gone.  Publishing them on the Internet guarantees that our families heritage will continue.  Grandparents stories of how they met the challenges of their day gives strength to our youth as they make tough decisions that requires character.  "If grandpa could do it, then so can I."

I personally had been searching for over 20 years for an end-of-line great grandmother by the name of Mary Jane Haggard born in 1841 in Kentucky who married Samuel Bell Elliott, from a wealthy family in Cumberland County, KY, during the Civil War.  I knew her children's names, death dates and place of death, but I did not know who her own parents were.  Nor did I know who her brothers and sisters were.  I did not know her father died during the Civil War in Missouri.

But Susan Hayashi did not let her father's research die when he did.  She converted it to downloadable PAF and Gedcom files.   I downloaded these files and within a hour found that Clinton had researched 13 Mary Jane Haggard's and YES, one of them was my great great grandmother. 

Now, I know the names and dates of her brothers and sisters, parents and 7 more generations of Haggard's that are my family!   I am so grateful and happy.  Thank you Susan and thank you Clinton.

Susan has uploaded her Memorial to Clinton R. Haggard to our Surnames.com genealogy website for all to enjoy.  Please click here to see her full web site dedicated to her father:

40,403 Haggard & related families - genealogy - history

You too can express your thankfulness to Susan E. H. Hayashi
by sending her an E-mail: sehhotr@earthlink.net 

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Susan Eleanor Haggard Hayashi